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November 8, 2012
Buses, bankers & the beer of revenge

There is a new, exciting IET publication hot off the press: Justin Pollard’s Buses, bankers & the beer of revenge.  It’s available for loan in the IET Library and you can buy a copy from the Library reading room too!  Perfect for that elusive Christmas present? Or just fun and informative to read for yourself.


Justin has been writing the “The Eccentric Engineer” column in E & T magazine since 2007 and this book gathers stories from there to highlight the best of unusual engineering tales. Also included are decidedly off the wall ideas such as aircraft carriers made of ice and cars made of beans. Stories and anecdotes abound such as the story about an exploding toilet in a U-boat which resulted in an order for an emergency resurfacing, prompting a bombing run, which resulted in a life raft evacuation, a crew interned for the rest of the war and one sunk U-boat.


Why is it called Buses, bankers and the beer of revenge?  You’ll have to read it to find out…. view a copy in the IET library




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