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October 17, 2012
Masdar City

Read recently about this fascinating initiative. Masdar city  is not a car spelt incorrectly but a circa. 2.7 square mile city built in the desert outside Abu Dhabi which aims to be totally green. The very first of its kind.


Masdar has zero carbon, powered by solar panels and other renewable energy sources. Electric cars – even battery powered driverless vehicles are planned to run through underground tunnels.The businesses chosen to inhabit the city are selected for their greenness.There is purported to be an LED tower which changes colour when the city is using too much power.


Around 40,000 residents and 50,000 commuters moved in to Masdar a couple of years ago – OK, they have made a few concessions – they use surface level electric cars, not yet the driverless ones but the green concept and city is still there! Perhaps it is heralding a future that other cities can replicate in some way, however small?


The IET Library’s subscription to Ebsco databases has a few articles on this city – log on if you are an IET member to gain immediate access.


The IET magazine – Renewable Energy Generation is available through the IET digital library or in person at the IET library reading room.

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