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February 21, 2012
Hello from the Archives!

This is the first official post from the Archives on the shiny new Library and Archives blog and so we thought we would take the opportunity to introduce ourselves.


Archives storage area

The IET Archives department is based at Savoy Place in London and are Anne, Asha and Sarah. We are all professionally trained archivists with a love of history and things from the past, and our job is to care for the historical record collections that are contained in the IET Archives.

The Archives contain records that date back to the 1300s , but the majority of our collections are from the 19th and 20th centuries. These contain information about a wide variety of people and subjects related to the history of the IET and the electrical engineering industry, including the history of the development of electrical telegraphy, the rise of electrical supply, and the role of women engineers.

Chaucer's Astrolabe 1391

An average day in the life of an IET archivist can vary hugely, but our main duties include answering enquiries, assisting researchers and that perennial archival activity, cataloguing! We also provide tours of the Library and Archives and the historic Savoy Place, create displays of archival material, and organise outreach activities such as family history events.

We also have a responsibility to look after the historic artefacts that are dotted around the building, such as portraits and busts of IET past-Presidents and other notable engineers, and we also sometimes get called upon to help with other, rather obscure, requests, such as providing information about Savoy Place’s resident ghost!

We will be using this blog to write about our varied activities and to let our followers know about the discoveries we sometimes make within the Archives, so please watch this space! If you would like to learn more about the Archives and the collections, please get in touch:


Written by Sarah Hale, Archives Assistant, IET Library

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