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Life long learning for health and safety risk management

A paper by the Inter Institutional Group on Health and Safety

Managing health and safety risks effectively is a vital requirement for technicians, engineers and managers whatever their engineering disciplines.  They have a key role in ensuring that the safety and health of the workforce and the public is given prominence in all they do.

In addition to any instruction on health and safety risk assessment and mitigation received during career education it is vital that the capability to understand and manage health and safety risks continues to receive attention as technicians and engineers progress through their careers.

Not all engineering bodies give explicit guidance in respect of continuing learning in health and safety risk management in their discipline.  The Inter-Institutional Group on Health and Safety, in discussion with the Health and Safety Executive has therefore produced a schedule of guidance describing in broad terms the continued health and safety risk assessment and mitigation learning that is likely to be required as part of a professional’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD).  This forms a framework for further discussion.

A series of CPD health and safety risk management questions to be considered by professional institutions is provided through a notional engineering career.