Refusal to work on health and safety grounds

A health and safety briefing provided by the IET.

Despite having good management systems in place covering health and safety, occasions may still arise where employees believe that to start, or continue work would put themselves or others in danger.  There may be instances where employees believe this danger to be great enough to justify them refusing to work.  In such a situation a good employer should see that it would be more productive to avoid conflict and to resolve the issue by applying a pre-agreed policy to address the employees concerns.

Any employer who values its employees seeks good industrial relations and wishes to achieve a good safety record, should see the logic in developing and implemented a clear and enforceable policy on how employees are to raise concerns about health and safety.  As important is what the policy says about management reaction.  In fact any employer who actively promotes good health and safety awareness amongst its employees should expect its employees to stop work and raise concerns.