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Risk based inspection

A health and safety briefing provided by the IET.

There is a risk based approach to planned plant inspection, Risk Based Inspection (RBI).

While the details change from one industry to the next, the role of inspection is to examine, to take measurements or readings or to make judgements.

Specific issues to be examined are the result of many influences and reasons. For example:

  • What the equipment designer considered appropriate
  • What history has demonstrated is needed
  • What the legislation requires
  • What is required to ensure continued reliable operation – for production and for safety
  • What is required to ensure availability of systems that do not normally operate – either back-up systems for production or safety systems
  • What is required to prevent the occurrence of the predicted and unpredicted failure modes
  • Insurer and/or supply chain requirements
  • To identify opportunities for improvement and entrepreneurial innovation

Risk based inspection (244 k)

Updated February 2015