Directors’ responsibilities for health and safety

A health and safety briefing provided by the IET.

Directors of all types of organisations in both the private and public sectors, have responsibilities for ensuring that health and safety risks arising from their organisation’s activities are properly managed.  In the context of effective corporate governance, managing corporate risk is a key issue for all directors and senior managers.  One key risk area is the health and safety of an organisation’s workers and of others (including members of the public) that may be affected by its activities.  Effective management of health and safety risks will help:

  • maximise the well-being and productivity of all people working for an organisation
  • stop people getting injured, ill or killed through work activities
  • improve the organisation’s reputation in the eyes of customers, competitors, suppliers, other stakeholders and the wider community
  • avoid damaging effects on turnover and profitability
  • encourage better relationships with contractors and more effective contracted activities and
  • minimise the likelihood of prosecution and consequent penalties