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Communications factfiles

Providing information on aspects of communications technology for members and the public.

This section contains IET briefings on communication technology issues (such as the emergency services mobile communications programme and a number of documents covering future issues for communications). The aim in every case is to provide authoritative information and increase understanding both for parliamentarians and the public. 


Demand attentive networks (DAN) Demand attentive networks

Creating the perception of unlimited bandwidth in an untethered fibre-wireless world.

Demand attentive networks

Emergency services mobile communications programme Emergency services mobile communications programme

Pooling cross industry expertise on the Emergency Services Mobile Communications Programme. (ESMCP) 

Emergency Services Mobile Communications Programme

Engineering the future of communication 2014 Engineering the future of communications (2009 - present)

The IET Communications Policy Panel has held annual events at the House of Lords from 2009 to bring parliamentarians and industry together to discuss key issues relating to communications technology.

House of Lords events