3rd IET International Conference on Technologies for Active and Assisted Living (TechAAL 2018)

October 2018

Research efforts in AAL have increased rapidly to support independent living. This event will serve as an important channel to present the latest advances in this area.

The 2018 Programme is currently in development but please see an example of the 2016 programme:

Monday 24th October 2016

13:00 Registration and refreshments
13:30 Welcome Address
Francisco Florez Revuelta, Event Chair
13:40 Keynote speaker
Empowering everyday self-managed physical rehabilitation through affective-aware sensing technology
Professor Nadia Berthouze, Professor and Deputy Director of UCLIC
14:25 Recognition of unscripted kitchen activities and eating behaviour for health monitoring
Samuel Whitehouse, Kristina Yordanova, Adeline Paiement and Majid Mirmehdi
University of Bristol, UK; and University of Rostock, Germany
14:50 AAL projects
  • DOREMI - Decrease of cOgnitive decline, malnutRition and sedEntariness by elderly empowerment in lifestyle Management and social Inclusion
  • ProMe - Professional Intergenerational Cooperation and Mentoring
15:05 Refreshment break and poster session
15:25 Keynote speaker
Presentation title to be confirmed
Ian Spero, Social Entrepreneur; Founder: Creative Skills for Life; Strategic Advisor: Innovate UK
16:10 Contribution of Biosignals for Emotional Analysis on Image Perception
Inês Alexandre, Virginie Felizardo, Nuno Pombo and Nuno Garcia
University of Beira Interior, Portugal
16:35 An ontology model for a context-aware preventive assistance system: reducing exposition of individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury to dangerous situation during meal preparation
Marisnel Carolina Olivares Amaro, Sylvain Giroux, Pierre De Loor, André ThÉpaut, Hélène Pigot, Stephanie Pinard, Carolina Bottari, Guylaine Le Dorze and Nathalie Bier
Université de Sherbrooke, France; Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Brest, France; Télécom Bretagne, France; and Université de Montréal, Canada
17:00 Event discussion and networking
18:00 Event close

Tuesday 25th October 2016

09:00 Registration and refreshments
09:30 Welcome Address
Francisco Florez Revuelta, Event chair
09:40 Exploring the Potential of Combining Smart Glasses and Consumer-grade EEG/EMG Headsets for Controlling IoT Appliances in the Smart Home
Eline De Buyser, Elias De Coninck, Bart Dhoedt and Pieter Simoens
Ghent University – iMinds, Belgium
10:05 Radar Sensing Technology for Fall Detection Under Real-Life Conditions
Giovanni Diraco, Alessandro Leone and Pietro Siciliano
National Research Council of Italy, Italy
10:30 An architecture for creating mobile assistive products: a case study on posture monitoring of people with motor disability
Olibário Machado Neto, Bruna Cunha, Amanda Polin Pereira Peracini, Paula Costa Castro, Valeria Meirelles Carril Elui and Maria Da Graça Pimentel
Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil; and Universidade Federal de São Carlos, Brazil
10:55 Refreshment break and poster session
11:15 Keynote speaker
Cognitive Function and Mental Health: Twin Grand Challenges for Technology
Professor Arlene J. Astell [PhD, BSc, CClin Psychol], Professor of Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare, University of Sheffield
12:00 Patients on Home Telehealth Monitoring have more Days Alive and Out of Hospital
John Stamford, Chandrasekhar Kambhampati, Steffen Pauws and Andrew L Clark
University of Hull, UK; Philips Research, The Netherlands; and Hull York Medical School, UK
12:25 Lunch break
13:25 Implementing WCAG and ISO 9241 in AAL Software Applications - A Case Study
Stefan Ruscher, Johannes Burger, Ejona Sauli and Andrea Kofler
SYNYO GmbH, Austria; and Zurich University of Applied Science, Switzerland
13:50 Daily life support at home through a virtual support partner
Sten Hanke, Emanuel Sandner, Samat Kadyrov and Andreas Stainer-Hochgatterer
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, Austria
14:15 Refreshment break and poster session
14:40 Phase Feature-based Activity Level Estimation for Assisted Living
Sandipan Pal and Charith Abhayaratne
The University of Sheffield, UK
15:05 Real-time Estimation of Physical Activity Intensity for Daily Living
Lili Tao, Tilo Burghardt, Majid Mirmehdi, Dima Damen, Ashley Cooper, Massimo Camplani, Sion Hannuna, Adeline Paiement and Ian Craddock
University of Bristol, UK
15:30 Closing remarks from the Chair