Novel RF Materials and Manufacturing Techniques for Antennas - Programme


This two-day meeting will ensure the breadth of research currently being undertaken in these areas are represented fully. The first day will focus on research into the design of novel materials. The second day will concentrate on the development of novel manufacturing techniques.

Day 1

09:30 Arrival and refreshments
Day 1 Chairs: Rob Lewis, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence and Rebecca Walton, BAE Systems - Air

10:00 Welcome and introduction
Rob Lewis and Rebecca Walton

10:10 Meta-Atoms for 3D Printing Metamaterials
Professor Yiannis Vardaxoglou, Loughborough University, UK

10:50 Additive Manufacturing to Manipulate RF Response
Professor Christopher Tuck, University of Nottingham, UK

11:30 Refreshment Break & Networking

12:00 Challenges and Opportunities for Materials in Additive Manufacturing
Dr Candice Majewski. University of Sheffield, UK

12:40 Microfabricated Tunable Metamaterials and Antennas for Millimetre-wave and THz Applications
James Churm, University of Birmingham, UK

13:00 Lunch Break & Networking

14:00 Challenges and Opportunities in the Inkjet Printing of RFID
Professor Stephen Yeates, University of Manchester, UK

14:40 3D Printing Electromagnetic Devices Using Fused Deposition of Polymer Composites
Dr Flynn Castles, Queen Mary University London, UK

15:20 Microwave Applicator For Local Inspection and High Energy Localization – Potentials for Novel RF Materials
Tamara Monti, CST, UK

15:40 Refreshment Break & Networking

16:00 Near-Field Interactions in Chiral Metamaterials
Lauren Barr, University of Exeter

16:15 High GHz permeability of Spherical Iron nano-powder - Polyurethane Composites
Cameron Gallagher, University of Exeter, UK

16:30 3D-printed Optical devices with Refractive Index Control for Microwave Applications
D Isakov, University of Warwick, UK

16:50 Day 1 Close

Day 2

09:30 Arrival and refreshments
Day 2 Chairs: John Batchelor, University of Kent and Darryl Smith, Queen Mary’s University London

10:00 Welcome and introduction
John Batchelor and Darryl Smith

10:10 Smart and Connected Stretchable Bioelectronics via Nanomanufacturing and Transfer Printing
Professor Woon-Hong Yeo, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

10:50 Challenges for Metamaterials in the Aviation Industry: Electromagnetics
Dr. Kevin Mitchell, BAE Systems, UK

11:30 Refreshment Break & Networking

12:00 Emerging Materials for Future Antennas
Murray Niman, BAE Systems, UK

12:20 Photonic Topological Metamaterials in the Microwave
Professor Shuang Zhang, University of Birmingham, UK

13:00 Lunch Break & Networking

14:00 Metasurfaces for Microwaves
Professor Roy Sambles, University of Exeter, UK

14:40 Additive Manufacturing an Electromagnetic Perspective
Dr. Patrick Bradley, Dublin City University, Ireland

15:20 Refreshment Break & Networking

15:40 3D Printing Antennas and Frequency Selective Structures
Dr Benito Sanz-Izquierdo, University of Kent, UK

16:20 Speaker Panel Discussion and Q&A
Panellists: Professor Yiannis Vardaxoglou, Professor Woon-Hong Yeo, Murray Niman

16:45 Closing remarks

16:50 Day 2 Close