The Good Researcher's Guide to Publishing

22 February 2017 | IET London: Savoy Place

The IET Good Researchers Guide to Publishing is a must attend event for new researchers in the fields of engineering, science and technology who want to get published. In this one day seminar, you will hear from experienced authors who will provide tips and guidance, as well as from early career researchers who have been through the process recently. You will also learn from experts who can support you along the way, including librarians, funders and industry representatives. What’s more, it’s a full day seminar that will cost you nothing! 

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The road to publication can be long and arduous. In this one day seminar, we will help you understand how you can maximise your chances of getting published. Learn everything from how to select a publication to structuring your manuscript, from understanding peer review to managing and promoting your research. Leading experts from both academia and industry will share their publishing and research experiences in the fields of engineering, science and technology, passing on tips and tricks to help you in your own journey.

The day will consist of four sessions:

Session 1: The Good Researcher’s Guide

How to choose the best journal for your work: A guide to the tips and tricks for choosing publications and how to maximise acceptance of your manuscripts.

The peer review process explained: What is it? How does it work? Why is it important? What are the different types? What is the role of the reviewer? How to conduct a review?

What is the right publishing model for you? Subscription vs Open Access, funder mandates, licenses and copyright and how the IET can help…

Session 2: The Good Researcher’s Experience

Things I wish I could say to my younger self: A panel of experienced authors discuss how they overcame the challenges in establishing an academic career and what would they tell their younger self.

“I’m a researcher: get me published!” - A panel of young academics discussing the highs and lows of conducting research and getting published.

Session 3: The Good Researcher’s Toolkit

What online tools should make up a researcher’s toolkit? We bring you a few suggestions that are available to support research workflows and the publication process.

Getting the most out of your library: Researchers may be unaware of the full range of available library services to help them throughout the entire research process, beyond simple access to reading materials. From 1-2-1 consultations with liaison librarians to training sessions and guidance on using a variety of useful tools, researchers can take advantage of library services to help enhance their research capabilities.

Session 4: The Good Researcher’s Corporate Perspective

What does research in the corporate environment look like? Find out how it’s conducted, what companies are looking for from their research staff and how research is applied in real-life solutions. Learn about how can you tell prospective employers about your publications and their impact, e.g. using metrics such as H-index.