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Asset Management -High Voltage Apparatus


Image of three blue heads in profile on grey background

A seminar on Network Asset Management will be presented by The Scottish Power Network Planning Team

Date and Time

21 February 2018 - 13:00-17:00


Glasgow, United Kingdom - icon_popup  (See map)


Jointly organised by the UK - Scotland:South West and UK - Scotland:South West local networks. Contact alan.mason@edpr.com for more information.

About this event

SPEN (SP Energy Networks) owns, operates and maintains over 30,000 substations, 46,000 km of overhead line and 65,000 km of underground cable within the two distribution licence areas. This infrastructure serves circa 3.5 million customers.

SPEN is an asset-centric organisations where assets such as towers and overhead line conductors are located across large territories, crossing public and private land. SPEN has to manage the risk across different types of assets with different failure modes and failure rates, adding further difficulty to risk management whilst ensuring high levels of performance.

 Managing risk, improving safety and bettering asset performance for customers, the general public and staff is core to the role SPEN, and SPEN is committed to continuously improving its risk management strategies to reduce exposure and harm, and to maximise asset performance. This can only be achieved with an effective and responsive risk management strategy and framework.

 We are committed to developing further our relationship with the IET and are delighted to share how we are managing our assets, and also introduce to you a range of innovations we are currently exploring or have deployed.


  • Intro – David                                                      

15 mins  - David will give a short introduction to the team and present the agenda topics.

  • Risk management – Albert                          
15 mins - Albert will give a presentation of the SPEN Asset Risk Management Framework.

  • CBRM – Chris                                                    

15 mins - Chris will be covering the recently adopted CBRM asset management methodology and our internally developed CBRM Dashboard

  • Switchgear retrofit– Albert                         

15 mins - Albert will give a presentation of the SPEN Switchgear Life Extension Strategy.


Poster sessions talks (coffee)                     30 mins

o             Retrofit

o             Risk management

o             CBRM


  • Transformers – Maria                                            

 15 mins - Maria will speak about life extending programmes for Power and Distribution Transformers and their definition based on the actual condition profile and their critically and impact in the overall network’s integrity.

  • Wanda – Jonathan                                                   

15 mins - Jonathan will discuss an ongoing innovation project that focuses on using weather correction techniques to understand demand data at a local level.

  • OHL performance & initiatives- Catherine     

15 mins - Catherine will present an overview of SP Energy Networks distribution overhead line strategy.

  • Fault level – Jonathan                                             

15 mins - Jonathan will discuss SPEN’s strategy for managing fault level on the distribution network.

  • EV – Milana                                                                 

15 mins - Milana will discuss SPEN’s strategy for EV integration and modelling


Reasons to attend

This event will be of interest to professionals and students with an interest in the operation and maintenance of assets on the high voltage distribution network.  

Additional information

David Neilson is the Distribution Network manager for SP Distribution and has responsibility for asset management and design. David has 35 years’ experience in operational, planning, technical and management roles.

 Jonathan Fox is a Senior Engineer at SP Energy Networks and is currently a member of the Asset Management & System Design team. His key areas of work are fault level mitigation, network demand modelling, long term asset modernisation plans and flexible connections for renewable generation.

 Catherine Dow, BSc MBA MIET CEng, is a Lead Engineer within Network Planning & Regulation and has responsibility for the asset management of distribution overhead lines and cables. Catherine has worked in SP Energy Networks since 2012, but has 34 years’ experience in various planning, business process improvement and product management roles across gained from working in both Scottish Power and Barr & Stroud (now Thales Optronics).

 Maria Anzola is a Senior Engineer working for the department of Engineering Design & Standards within Scottish Power Energy Networks.Maria has been deeply involved in the Asset Management department, working to achieve sustainable business outcomes and competitive advantage by applying innovative and risk-based processes to decisions concerning the company’s physical assets.

 Albert Santandreu currently leads the SP Energy Network’s Distribution Switchgear Strategy with experience in demand side management, electric vehicle integration and network regulation and latterly focusing on asset and risk management on distribution networks.

 Chris Kungu is a Senior Engineer working within Network Planning & Regulation Department for the SPD Network. He has 5 years’ experience working within the Distribution network covering generation connections, asset management, and network reinforcement.

 Milana Plec is a Senior Engineer within the Asset Management & System Design team at SP Energy Networks. Her key areas of work are reinforcement and connection design, flexible connections and future networks. Milana is also a member of a SPEN EV working group. Prior to joining SPEN in September 2017, Milana was a researcher at the University of Strathclyde where she worked on different industrial and European projects. Her experience includes network design, power system analysis and operation, integration of distributed energy resources and electricity markets.

Registration information

Registration is required. Please go to the link below


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