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Technical Seminar on Power Line Communication (PLC) Applications


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Power lines communication for smart grid - applications and challenges

Date and Time

12 June 2017 - 19:00-20:30


Hung Hom, Hong Kong - icon_popup  (See map)


Organised by the E & S.E Asia:Hong Kong local network.

About this event

Modern communications takes many forms such as wire, wireless, visible light and others. The strength of wireless communication is beyond any doubt when we look at the mobility phone coverage throughout the world  

However, there are many vulnerability areas in which use of wireless communication are restricted or the performance is not acceptable. Most of us have experienced mobile phone conversation abruptly cut which is frustrating. This can be caused by factors such as signal deterioration due to metal or concrete obstacles or multipath reflections or simply RF radiation is not allowed

To supplement such weakness, the concept of PLC has emerged which allow communication over a power line. As of today, the PLC solutions have been widely used in many applications such as smart meters for Smart Grid projects, streetlight control systems for intelligent city projects, solar photovoltaic management systems, and building/office/home automation systems. 

This seminar will discuss how the total PLC turkey solution is built by combining System-on-Chip (SoC) and use of intelligent control and sensing networks for equipment and devices over utility AC power lines.

Topic Principles of Power lines communication 
Technology challenges
Typical applications
Smart metering application by using power lines communication

About the Speaker
Victor Lam is a professional technical turnkey solution specialist focusing in industrial and semiconductors applications. He received the B. Eng in Electronic Engineering from CityU. Since then he has been active in electronics sector, exploring his career with Philips Electronics and STMicroelectronics Ltd in which he was responsible for global major account management. Now he works for Risecomm on the overall development of smart energy management solution for worldwide market.  

Additional information


Registration information

For enquiry: Ben Li, citechl@hkstar.com, benli.iet@gmail.com


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