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From Voice to Data – the Evolution of Broadband and Mobile Networks in the UK by Professor Nigel Linge


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How have our voice and data networks and protocols developed? What are the future challenges to be addressed? Lecture by Nigel Linge Professor of Telecommunications Salford University.

Date and Time

10 April 2014 - 18:00-20:00


Manchester, United Kingdom - icon_popup  (See map)


Organised by the Manchester local network.

About this event

The UK is undergoing a change which sees us make less and less voice calls each year. Yet our reliance on the networks that allow us to make voice calls has never been greater. The reason? It is our domestic telephone and mobile connection that provides us with access to the Internet and so the underlying networks have had to evolve from offering voice to data services. This lecture will examine how it was the development of the modem that began this transformation. Sending low speed data over a telephone connection gave many people their first experience of the web. Demand drove engineering advancements that allowed broadband technologies such as ADSL, FTTC and FTTP and now to deliver millions of bits per second over telephone grade copper twisted pairs. Accessing the Internet had a similar effect on the mobile which began life as an analogue voice only network. The move to digital with GSM offered an equivalent experience on mobiles to that offered by the first modems on the wired telephone network. Increases in data capacity soon followed with the development of GPRS, EDGE and then 3G.However all these networks retained the original core voice service. That is until the launch of 4G which is the first generation of mobile network that is entirely data driven but has the capability of offering Internet connections that now exceed those possible on the wired broadband network. The technical advances and challenges that have had to be faced in realising this change from voice to data will be examined throughout the lecture which will conclude with consideration of the many challenges that still remain ahead.


18:00  Tea, coffee and biscuits.
18:30  Lecture by Professor Nigel Linge.
20:30  End of event.


Reasons to attend

All of us now rely on voice networks in both our business and private lives. How has the technology got us to where we are and and where will it take us?

Registration information

Via webpage


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