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IET Robot-Triathlon Competition


Image of three blue heads in profile on grey background

The IET Robot Triathlon Competition is a team event made up of three competitive events. Each team must design and build a robot capable of competing in all three events.

Date and Time

29 March 2014 - 10:00-17:00


Birmingham, United Kingdom - icon_popup  (See map)


Organised by the Birmingham local network.

About this event

The IET Robot Triathlon Competition is a team event made up of three competitive heats:

- Line follower
- Drag race
- Time trials.

Each team will be issued with a basic set of components by the IET which they will then have to modify/re-design and build (to a set of rules) capable of competing in all three events. Some customization of the robots sensors and software may be made for each event.

The judges will be selected individuals with previous experience within the robotics industry and their word will be final.

More information is available by downloading the participation pack (pdf).

Check out the event poster (pdf).

Additional information

We are pleased to announce the following sponsors of this event:

Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University has kindly provided:

- The Studio venue at Millennium Point.

- The robot race tracks, event rules and specifications.

- The robot drivetrains.


GE Power Conversion, a General Electric Company

GE Power Conversion has kindly sponsored the Judges Awards for Innovative Design, Sustainable and Environmental Design


Registration information

Register your team for this event, one primary point of contact per team to register.

Please note the registration link is for the purpose of spectators of the event only and therefore Participants must follow the 3 steps to registration process!

3 Steps to becoming a participant

1 – Register for the Event

Firstly you will need to register by downloading and filling out the participant pack (pdf) sending a completed copy back to the . You can also pass this on to your nearest IET young professionals representative.
Once you have registered successfully you will then be given an applicant number, you will need this number to collect your base build equipment and for entering your robot at the final stages.

2 – Collect equipment.

Once your registration is complete and you have been issued with an applicant number you can collect your base build components either from Birmingham City University, Parkside building (near millennium point) or your local IET young professional representative, you will however need to sign a form to acknowledge that you have been in receipt of these boards. Please note once you have taken receipt for the components they shall be your responsibility and it is your duty to take great care, it is strictly one per team so it is advised that you peer review your work before assembly. Assembly should begin as soon as you feel comfortable and will need to be completed by the time of the event as there will be no provision on the day to complete any works and only minor modifications will be allowed.

3 – Partake in the event on the 29/03/2012 at Birmingham City University, Parkside building (near millennium point) under the competition rules.

Applications will arrive 30 minutes before the event starts and each applicant will be given 1 trial run of each course, there will be a notification once the competition begins and from that point forward all participants must adhere to the rules. The judging panel is to be confirmed although will all be professionals within the engineering industry. During the event the judging panels word shall be final with no exceptions.

If you have any queries relating to any of the information please do not hesitate to contact us on the following email:


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