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Finite-elements in the Service of Electrical Power Equipment


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Finite-element Analysis Tool.

Date and Time

11 February 2014 - 18:00-20:00


Stafford, United Kingdom - icon_popup  (See map)


Organised by the North West Midlands of England local network.

About this event

Engineers have been successfully designing power equipment – generators, motors, transformers, switchgear etc. – for over a century using experience, rules of thumb and some basic design equations.  However, if we are going to push materials to their limits in the pursuit of increased efficiency, compactness and reliability at reduced cost, then we need to understand and to predict what is going on, not just on average but locally, in the most highly stressed regions.  For this, finite-element analysis is an essential tool.  The talk will give a quick and basic introduction to the finite-element method and then will describe its use in a number of applications. 
The performance of generators and transformers is often limited by hot-spot temperatures arising from eddy currents induced by stray magnetic fields.  The calculation of these fields, the resulting temperatures and ways of reducing the effects will be described.  The design and construction of high voltage dc equipment is a specialism at ALSTOM Grid in Stafford.  Handling gigawatts of power, operated at voltages up to 800kV and tested at voltages well in excess of 1MV, the design of the electrical insulation is not something that you can afford to get wrong!  The talk will describe how we do this, and how we verify our results.  Some power equipment is installed in seismically-active areas, so we must ensure that it will withstand earthquake shocks.  The talk will look at the seismic analysis of transformers and bushings. 
As well as modelling existing equipment, finite-element analysis is also used to create new power system devices.  To illustrate this, the talk will end with a description of ALSTOM Grid’s new superconducting fault current limiter, which uses “high temperature” superconductors in an unexpected topology to create a device essential to the grids of the future.

Additional information

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