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Engineering Challenge: Energy infrastructure and innovative technologies in progressing economies


Image of three blue heads in profile on grey background

IET London is teaming up with Raleigh International to bring you the Engineering challenge 2013. This is your chance to win!

Date and Time

29 April 2013 - 18:00-21:30


London, United Kingdom - icon_popup  (See map)


Organised by the London local network.

About this event

The Engineering Challenge promises as usual to be informative and competitive fun. We have Raleigh coordinating the challenge this year and speakers covering energy infrastructures and technologies that have helped various economies and countries at different levels to progress their output and significantly improve the standard of Engineering has always done and will always do...

This competition will only be for the evening. No prior preparation required and no need to take any work home. All starts and ends on the evening.

The talks and speakers:

E.quinox: Student run rural electrification solutions - Abdalla Abou Jaoude

E.quinox is a student-run social enterprise that brings cost-effective, sustainable and clean energy solutions to developing countries. E.quinox was founded in 2008 and has grown to provide electricity to an estimated 4,000 people in Eastern Africa. The organisation is completely open-source and aims to develop 'blue-print solutions' that local entrepreneurs or external entities can replicate themselves. This talk will focus on the evolution of the organisation's vision and history, paying particular attention to the innovative technologies it develops, and how it engages students in considering clean and sustainable rural electrification solutions in developing countries. The talk will also cover e.quinox's experiences in delivering projects, the lessons learned and the state of future developments. The speaker, Abdalla, is a Mechanical Engineer from Imperial College London who joined e.quinox in October 2010. He participated in two summer expeditions in 2011 and 2012 and elected as executive chairman of the organisation in February 2012.  Abdalla, as chairman, has been in charge of the overall coordination of the members within the organisations and handled communication with external partners in order to push e.quinox innovations further into the business world.

The role of Nuclear in the Power/energy balance - Derek Birkett

Derek Birkett, retired Grid Control Engineer, North of Scotland Hydro Electric Board, talks about Nuclear power and how its role complements the growing grid integration of renewables. The promotion of renewable sources of energy by the government to meet EU climate change objectives requires the right technical, economical, and sustainable power consideration for a perpetually advancing economy. Derek's expertise is mainly in the accomodation of power sources onto the gris, a much needed topic, and is experienced with the construction of the wylfa, Dounreay, and Hunterston nuclear stations. He will discuss costs, security of supply, grid stability, and how politics and commerce interact.

Innovative technology in emerging communities - Raleigh's Rupert Miller, Head of business development & Alumni, and Adam Scott, Corporate account executive

Raleigh International works in remote parts of the world with marginalised communities to provide basic services that will help improve access to water, fuel or education. Raleigh’s projects are designed to be both innovative and basic in design, enabling remote communities to maintain the technology in the future. Adam Scott has recently returned from delivering a sustainable engineering project in Borneo and will speak about the challenges and opportunities he experienced whilst working in the remote community. The talk will focus on how simple engineering projects such as Gravity Water Feed Systems and Biogas units can transform the lives of rural communities in developing countries. 

We also have a preceding renewable energy event 'Offshore wind power - the electrical technical details' on the 16th April, 6:00pm- 8:00pm at City University, EC1V 0HB (Convocation suite)


6:00pm Registration and refreshment
6:30pm Introduction from London young professionals and theme of the evening
6:40pm 'E.quinox: The commercial and entrepreneurial student success of the solar and hydro renewable energy
7:15pm 'The role of nuclear in the energy/Power balance'
8:00pm Raleigh International: Innovative technology in emerging communities
8:30pm – Q&A
8:45pm – Introduction to engineering challenge
8:50pm – Engineering challenge
9:30pm - Finish

Reasons to attend

The annual engineering challenge has always delivered an informative evening finishing with the engineering challenge competition that has always been exciting and science fun. This is an opportunity to show your creative and engineering skills and win the Engineering challenge award. Past competitions have been the Lego robots and space quiz to name a couple. This year promises to bring a new dimension of gravity-defying challenge but can not inform of the details because no prior preparation is required. This is also an opportunity to listen to energy and technology speakers, recognise the opportunities out there, and come in to the mind of entrepreneurship.


Free (Refreshment from 6:00pm)

Additional information

 “Raleigh International will be running a high energy team based challenge at the event, designed to make you get creative, think on your feet and problem solve. No prior preparation required, just get involved and use your engineering expertise to make sure your team comes first!”. We would also be having guest speakers that would provide you insight into the latest in Engineering technologies and solutions. Previous speakers have been Cybernetics professor Kevin Warwick and previous Virgin galactic president Will Whitehorn. 


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