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Challenges in Tribology


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This two day event will attempt to address current challenges in transport and materials and surface coatings for use in extreme environments and will provide an update of the latest developments in materials analysis equipment in this field.

Date and Time

28 March 2017 - 09:00 to 29 March 2017 - 16:30


Birmingham, United Kingdom - icon_popup  (See map)


Organised by the Tribology TPN. Contact Sophie Smith at for more information.

About this event

**Final dates to be confirmed**

As the late Professor Jost pointed out some years ago over 50% of our energy in running machines is used in overcoming friction. More gains in energy-saving could be obtained by operating engines at higher temperatures where, not only fuel efficiency increases, but also, a fuller combustion process is completed which minimises ejection of unused fuel in the exhaust gases.

This event will attempt to address current challenges in transport materials and surface coatings for use in extreme environments and will provide an update of the latest developments in materials analysis equipment in this field. There will be a two day programme of invited speakers, poster sessions with a two minute slot for a brief presentation and a prize for the best presentation, exhibitions of manufacturer’s equipment and a round table discussion.

Tuesday 28th March 2017

'Transport Challenges'

The issue of transportation and the environment is paradoxical in nature since transportation conveys substantial socioeconomic benefits, but at the same time transportation is impacting environmental systems. From one side, transportation activities support increasing mobility demands for passengers and freight, while on the other, transport activities are associated with growing levels of environmental externalities. The growth of personal and freight mobility in recent decades have expanded the role of transportation as a source of emission of pollutants and their multiple impacts on the environment.

These impacts fall within three categories1:

Direct impacts: The immediate consequence of transport activities on the environment where the cause and effect relationship is generally clear and well understood. For instance, noise and carbon monoxide emissions are known to have direct harmful effects.

Indirect impacts: The secondary (or tertiary) effects of transport activities on environmental systems. They are often of higher consequence than direct impacts, but the involved relationships are often misunderstood and more difficult to establish. For instance, particulates are mostly the outcome of incomplete combustion in an internal combustion engine are indirectly linked with respiratory and cardiovascular problems since they contribute among other factors to such conditions.

Cumulative impacts: The additive, multiplicative or synergetic consequences of transport activities. They take into account of the varied effects of direct and indirect impacts on an ecosystem, which are often unpredicted. Climate change, with a complex causes and consequences, is the cumulative impact of several natural and anthropogenic factors, in which transportation plays a role. 15% of global CO2 emissions are attributed to the transport sector.

1 The Environmental Impacts of Transportation, Dr. Jean-Paul Rodrigue

Wednesday 29th March 2017

'Materials and Coatings for extreme environments'


The full programme for the event will be confirmed at a later date.

(Presentation titles and speakers are subject to change)

Reasons to attend

  • This event follows the success of the one day event 'New challenges in Tribology' by the IET Tribology Network on 05 April 2016
  • The two days will provide links with both the Transport industry and Materials and Surface Coatings
  • Invited speakers will give an overview of this important developing field
  • A discussion panel session will offer a unique opportunity to seek solutions to problems
  • Extended intervals between sessions will offer excellent networking opportunities
  • Members new to the field and students will have an opportunity to obtain an update in the field
  • This event will qualify for CPD hours


Free to attend

Additional information

Exhibition and sponsorship opportunities for this event are available. If interested, please contact Sophie Smith at for more information.

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