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Electricity T&D up to 40,000 feet and Mach 0.8


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How do you think your food is heated and the inflight entertainment systems receive power when you are flying to your holiday destination? Have you ever thought about the concept of ‘earthing points’ at 40,000 feet?

Date and Time

14 July 2014 - 18:00-21:00


Derby, United Kingdom - icon_popup  (See map)


Organised by the Power Systems & Equipment TPN.

About this event

The evening will have two presentations giving a flavour of how electricity is transmitted and distributed around a modern air liner. The two presentations will highlight some of the issues that electrical engineers face when the electricity distribution is operating in rarefied atmospheres and high vibration levels

The first presentation will outline the differences in transmission and distribution of electrical power in a flying airframe compared with ground based systems. It will outline the various effects of airborne environment including: altitude, High Intense Radiated Fields (such as Radar) and Lightning have on the design and application of the cabling and connection systems as well as the operational effects (flight cycles, pressure drop, temperature variations, vibration, etc.). It will also cover how the key attributes of weight and safety affect the design of the electrical T&D system and how the Electrical T&D system is utilised.

The second presentation will outline why the aerospace industry is going ‘more electric’, the challenges this presents to the industry as a whole but will focus on the impact on Rolls-Royce. It will highlight the issues that need to be considered and the challenges that need to be overcome if electrical systems are to replace the traditional hydraulic systems on the engine. It will touch on the advances in electrical technology required and look to the future and the possibility of not just a More Electric Aircraft or a More Electric Engine but an All Electric Aircraft.


Paul Broughton

Paul is the Rolls-Royce Global Engineering Commodity Lead for Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems (EWIS),, and has technical responsibility for all wiring systems on the Rolls-Royce range of engines. He has been designing and specifying EWIS for Rolls-Royce engines for over 30 years, originally for aero derivative marine and power generation use, but the last 13 years have been spent on aerospace applications. Paul sits on 6 European standards committees including the Electrical Domain steering committee; connectors, cables, installation, optical and databus systems for the aerospace industry; he also is the UK delegation representative at ISO level.

Eddie Orr

Eddie is Chief of Sector - Aerospace for Electrical Power and Control Systems (EPACS) in Rolls-Royce. With responsibility for all electrical systems across the complete range of Rolls-Royce aerospace engines he works closely with Future Projects Engineering and the Supply Chain to identify and define both strategy and system level solutions. Eddie has 27 years’ experience in the aerospace industry, the first 21 working for Bombardier Aerospace Belfast (Short Brothers) where his specialisms were avionic systems, lightning protection and system integration. He joined Rolls-Royce in 2008 since when he has been leading the investigations into the viability of the More Electric Engine and the enabling technology it would require.


18:00 - 18:30 Registration and refreshment
18:30 – 18:45 Introduction
18:50 – 19:30 The differences in transporting and distributing electrical power in a flying airframe compared with ground based systems
19:30 – 20:20  Why the aerospace industry is going ‘more electric’ the challenges this presents to the industry as a whole,
20:20 End and networking


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