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The IET Womens Network - The Leader Within - London


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Many of us are reluctant to blow our own trumpets – it’s not ladylike! But in the workplace confidence often comes from knowing your strengths and capabilities. 

Date and Time

27 February 2013 - 18:00-21:00


London, United Kingdom - icon_popup  (See map)


Contact Jo Foster at for more information.

About this event

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Speaking out

Speaking out at all can be daunting depending on the situation. In this fun exercise we’ll explore a simple and effective tool for finding the confidence to speak out when you need it.
We’ll develop the idea with some simple scenarios that look at how you can alter your confidence level to suit the situation and the confidence level of the person you are talking to.
We show how to use it to deal with someone who is trying to manipulate you, to get heard in a meeting or to make sure someone listens when you have something important you want to discuss.

Using your palette

An exercise in awareness and consciously creating the impact you choose.
In this exercise we explore how to access and turn up and down different resources and qualities that are part of each person’s existing palette.

Getting the message across

We have a three stage model for giving feedback that can have an infinite number of variations depending on your personal style:

Nipping in the bud

If the situation warrants it your first approach might often (not always) be a soft one, so our first tool focuses on getting the message across in a clear and gentle way:
Observation – Suggestion – Benefit

Stepping it up

Then we look at all the different ways there are of making the message stronger until the person takes notice.


And finally, if they don’t change their ways.....

Get a new yardstick

Women often feel they have to be perfect in everything they do and to have that perfection acknowledged. It often impacts on their leadership style too. In this exercise we design a new yardstick for measuring success.

Tapping into values

So many things are underpinned by our values – our personal brand, motivation, conflict, etc.
In this exercise we explore how values impact on everyday working life and how they can be used to unlock motivation in ourselves and others.

Limiting beliefs

We take a look at the beliefs that each individual holds that are not helping!
Then we explore new beliefs that might be more empowering.   

Registration information

This event is free to attend but registration is still required in order to secure your place.  There are limited places, so please register now to avoid disappointment.


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