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Innovative technologies for physical and cyber security


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Security is an increasingly important part of our lives. Each year both airport and cyber security hit the headlines. This seminar looks at how newly developed technologies may help us in the future with a focus on the physical and cyber security of airports. Includes live equipment demonstrations.

Date and Time

21 February 2013 - 18:30-21:15


Crawley, United Kingdom - icon_popup  (See map)


Organised by the Aerospace TPN.

About this event

Security in all its forms is becoming an increasingly important part of our lives. We accept it, usually as a necessary inconvenience. For example, each year airport security hit the headlines. We all understand the need for it but that doesn't reduce the stress and frustration of standing in queues, perhaps for hours, having to remove and replace clothing and ensuring we don't have liquids or sharp objects. Airports get frustrated as well as they want us spending money, not queuing! 

Equally, whenever we want to access our bank account, order something online, or simply check a credit card bill, we have to negotiate a labyrinthine network of passwords, yet still cyber fraud is increasing.

We all want the benefits of security but not the delays and problems. Technology is coming to help so, in the future, queues may be quicker and computer access will be easier without any compromise of security. This seminar will look at how newly developed technologies may help us in the future with a focus on the physical and cyber security of airports and will include demonstrations of display equipment.



Registration, refreshments and demonstration of display equipment


Welcome and introductions


Samantha Ollerton - MSA Ltd

MSA will be presenting a product will have the capability to quickly analyse the hands of every passenger as well as their personal belongings for residues without the use of swabs.


Paul Irving - Thales UK Ltd

Thales will be presenting the latest developments in Cyber Security to ensure that passenger and flight details are fully protected against malicious attack or to gain information that can be used in support of terrorist or other criminal activities.


Jim Schaff - AMS Group, CyberLock

AMS will be presenting and demonstrating the most advanced and unified key/card access control system called CyberLock. This allows total control and monitoring of access to remote infrastructure. No wiring is needed at the locks to achieve this so there is flexibility over access control to padlocks, server cabinets, briefcases, doors, cabinets, cupboards etc. It is particularly applicable where there is a requirement to give different groups varying access (in terms of when and where they are allowed access) where the locks are on remote locations (such as gate padlocks) where there is no power supply and data links to a central control would be difficult.


Jim Slevin - Human Recognition Systems

HRS will be presenting the latest 'state of the art' in the automatic recognition of faces and related technology.


Demonstrations of display equipment


Close of evening

Registration information

Pre-registration for this event is essential.

For site security reasons, please have the following information to hand before registering:

  • Place and date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Passport details (incl. passport number, issuing office and expiry date)


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