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Hot topics

A portal of rich content produced by IET communities, each hot topic resource provides a central hub of knowledge in a specific technical area and is available to the science, engineering and technician community and beyond.

These resources have been produced following key topic identification from volunteers, as well as capturing intellectual property from events which form part of the IETs programme of community events.


Built environment technologies

City skyline

The role of engineering in the built environment

Learn more on how built environment technologies are becoming ever more valuable and are heavily influencing the UK government's thinking for its vision of 2050.

A glass fronted elevator

Lifts technologies-new standards, revised standards and future standards

View the presentations and video footage from this unique seminar


	The Eighth International Conference on Computation in Electromagnetics

CEM 2011 Highlights

This conference on Computation in Electromagnetics offers high quality technical presentations on computational techniques for solving problems in Electromagnetics. View the past conference proceedings to learn more.

Wind turbine that is deep red

Electromagnetics in Current and Emerging and Power Systems

This was a successful one day seminar on electromagnetics in current and emerging energy and power systems. The control systems for emerging renewable energy plants are sophisticated electronic systems and there are inevitable EMC issues to consider.

Lightning striking a town during a storm

Extreme Electromagnetics – The Triple Threat to Infrastructure

The 2013 seminar on 14 January covered three extreme electromagnetic environments that have the potential to cause devastating damage to widely distributed infrastructure through the interaction of an intense Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP).

History of technology

Stack of newsletters

Newsletter downloads

The History of Technology resources area is where you can find and download a wide range of documents including newsletters, reports and forms. We will be building this over time and the following list is an index of what is currently available.

Telegraph with mobile phone behind in sepia

175 Years of UK Telecommunications

To celebrate 175 years of the UK leading the way in telecommunications, the IET History of Technology TPN and the Information and Communications Sector organised a one-day symposium.


Robot arm working in a factory

Automated Britain

Automated Britain was a joint conference held on 6 March 2012 between GAMBICA and Intellect, and supported by the IET, to promote automation as a key factor in growing the UK economy.

Yellow light bulb

Engineering innovation and automation

The presentations looked at the design and installation of extensive state of the art automation lines and discussed vital issues for achieving a paradigm shift to advanced manufacturing procedures within the industry.

A man holding an image of the Earth

Sustainable Manufacturing Symposium

View presentations from the Sustainable Manufacturing Symposium to increase your awareness and provide you with practical insights into the manufacturing community.

Broken computer monitors

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations seminar

Get an overview of the WEEE Regulations and view presentations which examine the obligations placed on producers and distributors.

Business man jumping for joy between two buildings

Engineered for Business Success

Engineered for Business Success was a joint-event in leadership brought by The Institution of Engineering and Technology East Midlands Young Professionals and The Institute of Directors Young Director Forum East Midlands, supported by the IET Transport and Manufacturing Technical and Professional Networks.

Robotics and mechatronics

Generic picture of a robot

Humanoid robotics

This resource highlights developments within humanoid robotics including presentations, videos and case studies.

Robotics and mechatronics


These pages contain an overview of the various researches and projects being undertaken in the field of cybernetics.


Statue of Pythagoras

Pythagoras Trouser podcast series

Learn more about and keep up to date with Pythagoras’ Trousers, the radio show from the IET South Wales Networks and Radio Cardiff. 

Antennas and propagation

Large antenna at twilight

Cognitive Radio

Cognitive radios have the potential to revolutionise radio systems but there are still technical, regulatory and business barriers that need to be overcome. Only by coming together and understanding the issue can real progress be made towards real exploitation.

Loughborough Antennas and Propagation Conference Logo

Loughborough Antennas and Propagation Conference

First held in 2005, Loughborough Antennas and Propagation Conference (LAPC) has grown to become a truly global event. To gain a greater insight view the vast selection of past presentations.

EuCap logo


A forum for those in the Antennas and Propagation area, read through past conference proceedings to gain a greater insight into this technical field.

Blue arrows glowing

Can radio deliver the home area network for future Smart Energy?

This successful partnership series with Cambridge Wireless once again opened up a challenging area; Smart Energy. Radio is attractive for this “Home Area Network” since it makes no demands on the existing wiring and could communicate with devices (such as gas meters) that are “off grid”.

Blue mobile phone with radio waves emitting from it

Millimetre wave technologies for gigabit per second wireless communications

The IET hosted a one-day seminar reviewing the latest developments on mm-wave technologies for Gigabit per second communications.

Healthcare technologies

Image of David Springer


For the first time, the IET ran a session at the world's largest biomedical engineering conference, with the aim of bringing together some of the latest work on mhealth technologies.

Delegates at PGBiomed 2013

PGBiomed 2013

This event focussed on some of the rapid developments made in the field, covering Medical Imaging, Radiotherapy, Movement Analysis, Tissue Engineering, Biomedical Signal Processing and Dielectrophoresis.

Silver trophy

IET Healthcare Technologies Awards

The network presents annual prizes through a number of awards. Details, including eligibility criteria, are available here.

AHT landing image

Appropriate Healthcare Technologies for Developing Countries (AHT)

View a selection of resources developed to support the series of biennial seminars/conferences on Appropriate Healthcare Technologies for Developing Countries (AHT).

Multimedia and communications

IBC Logo


IBC is the leading global trade show for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of broadcasting media and entertainment.

Each year the IET, in collaboration with the Information and Communications Sector and the Multimedia Communications Network, puts on an activity at the event to help us engage with our members in this field.

Ranging from the launch of a new collaborative publication, an evening talk or a drinks reception. The IBC 2015 conference takes place on 10-14 September 2015 and exhibition on 11-15 September 2015.

Sphere with lots of television screens

John Logie Baird lectures

The John Logie Baird lecture is the IET’s annual multimedia communications themed lecture.  Each year it brings an insight to an important area of this vast technical field.

Project controls

Image of the John Radcliffe Hospital

Does effective stakeholder management avoid project disasters?

See how complex and unique situations have been reviewed and analysed using the straight forward principals of a senior project manager.

Thoughful woman sitting on a desk

How to be recognised as a Project Controls professional

If you are an engineer working in the area of Project Controls, Cost Engineering, Estimating, Planning or Commercial Support and want to take your career to the next level, this webinar, which was broadcast on 22 February 2013, outlines the options and what steps to take.

lessons learned

Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned is a formidable tool in Project Management and Controls yet they are not being used effectively and are often seen as an “after thought” following the completion of a project.

blocks spelling the word risk

Risk management

The IET/ACostE Project Controls Network delivered a webcast on 20 May 2011 which focused on the successful implementation of risk management.

Rolled up scroll with a red ribbon

Terry Bishop Award 2011

Learn more about the IET/ACostE Project Controls Award and view presentations of the 2011 submissions.

Rolled up plans

Value Improving Practices

Value Improving Practices (VIPs) are practices which create the most value in a Project, as their creative and innovative potential is very high.

RF and microwave

Microwave heating and Process of Materials Seminar 2011

Microwave heating resource

This highly successful event consisted of short presentations and provided a great opportunity to young engineers to showcase their work. Presentations are now available to download.

Circuit board

Passive RF and Microwave Components resource

View top presentations and interactive poster sessions from this annual seminar.

Blue antenna sending out radio signals

Microwave Metamaterials and their applications resource

Gain an insight in the intriguing area of metamaterials and view the presentations from recent events.

Blue circuit board

Active RF Devices, Circuits and Systems resource

View the presentations from the annual seminar reviewing the latest developments in RF, microwave and millimetre-wave active devices, circuits, sub-systems and systems.

Green cricuit board puzzle

IET Technical Enterprise Workshop

IET RF and Microwave Technology annually hosts technical enterprise workshop on recent hot topics. The workshop contains two guest speakers, one from academia and one from industry, each giving a 30 min talk followed by a question and answer session. The workshop also includes poster session of around six papers and we will be anticipating a best paper prize for the best contribution.

Automotive and power

A green electric car plugged in charging

Electric vehicles

Look through a selection of videos and presentations on the development of electric vehicles and the IET's involvement in this key area.

Automotive and Road Transport Systems

Car on motorway

Automotive and road transport resources

A distinct resource area that brings together the automotive and road infrastructure sectors, with a particular focus on the use of technologies and related applications, to improve the performance and safety of the road network and vehicles using this infrastructure.

Control and automation

Learning Legacy

Olympic Velodrome

Engineering the Olympics

Engineering and technology has enabled the London 2012 Games to be a huge success.

Power generation

Wind turbines at sea

Renewable Machines and Power Electronics

With increasing demand for energy from renewable sources this timely seminar is one half of a series looking at recent developments in electrical machines and power electronics.

Image of the Code of Practice for Electrical Safety Management book

Electrical Safety Management

This seminar was about creating a strong electrical safety culture to avoid accidents. Visit the page to learn more.

Airfield runway

Airfield Engineering

Learn more about Airfield Engineering and view recent presentations which discuss the topic and the introduction of LED Technology.

All Energy logo


View the presentations from the IET's sessions at All-Energy which span a range of topics from hydropower to smart grids and much more.

Interior of a JET at Culham Centre for Fusion

Culham Centre for Fusion Energy

Get an introduction to Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, one of the world’s foremost fusion research centres - with two operational ‘tokamaks’ JET and MAST.

A magnet alongside a motor and graph

Making Rare Earth Magnets Rarer

View presentations which discuss the approaches to minimising rare earth magnet usage, cost rises and some alternative machine topologies.

Electric pylons against a night sky

Visit to the National Grid Control Centre

On the 24 May 2012 National Grid welcomed the IET PGCU network to their National Control Centre.

Power systems and equipment

Sustainable electricity

Sustainable Electricity Networks

Develop a greater understanding of the scale of challenges borne by various parts of the energy sector through these topical presentations.

Image depicting Britain and Europe lit up by a green light

Smart Grid conferences

Smart Grid is no longer just a concept, it’s a necessity, and increasingly a reality. Traditional transmission and distribution infrastructure and systems are being rapidly transformed by the integration of renewable energy as well as information, and communication developments. These pages contain details of the Smart Grid conferences.

Power trading

Power lines

Connecting Renewable Generation to Distribution Networks

This presentation reviews the requirements for connecting generation to a distribution network, and discusses some of the issues that can arise.


Oil pouring over gears

Tribology overview

Tribology is the science and technology of interactive surfaces in relative motion.  An overview of the field of tribology can be found here.

Two gears

Previous activities

Technical visits deliver delegates a unique opportunity to visit a facility or site of interest that is often closed to the general public.  


Photo of a train

Railway resources

The Railway Network covers the engineering aspects of the promotion, construction, regulation, operation, safety and maintenance of railway, metro, tramway and guided transport systems. 

Satellite Systems and Applications