HYLAS 1 - From dream to reality

Learn more about the HYLAS 1 project and view the presentation from a previous IET event

About the project

HYLAS 1 is the first broadband satellite from Avanti Communications and uses the latest Ka-band technology to deliver high speed, two-way data services across Europe.

It has a unique flexible payload which enables Avanti to change the bandwidth of its eight Ka-band beams whilst in orbit, to maximise satellite efficiency.

HYLAS 1 is complemented by a Ku-band broadcast capability and can provide up 2mb satellite broadband to users across Europe.

During 2012 Avanti are extending their network to provide coverage to Africa, Middle East and more of Europe with the launch of HYLAS 2. Future expansion of the network will also be achieved through HYLAS 3 which is currently being designed.

About the lecture

On 12 May 2011 the community the HYLAS 1 - From dream to reality lecture which provided delegates with three aspects of the satellite operations:

  • The design considerations for launching a new satellite (including orbital positioning)
  • The build and launch of HYLAS 1
  • Commercial service (addressing the digital divide)

A summary of the presentation slides is available to download: