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Smart Grid conferences

Smart Grid is no longer just a concept, it’s a necessity, and increasingly a reality. Traditional transmission and distribution infrastructure and systems are being rapidly transformed by the integration of renewable energy as well as information, and communication developments. These pages contain details of the Smart Grid conferences.

The IET's Smart Grid conferences are an annual event, giving delegates an opportunity to listen to experts in their field talking about the latest information and technology available.






  Image depicting a glowing grid

Smart Grids 2013: Power in Unity: A Whole System Approach
Smart Grid / Energy Storage / Smart Metering / Power quality

16-17 October 2013 | Holiday Inn Bloomsbury, London, UK

The IET is delighted to bring to you a two day, multi-stream conference focusing on Smart Grid, Energy Storage, Smart Metering and Power Quality both individually and as a whole system.

This event will bring together industry and academia to address current challenges and opportunities as well as to highlight some of the progress already being made.


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Smart Grids 2012: Successful innovation: technological and economic drivers

Government and regulatory policies are geared up to encourage and incentivise innovation and it’s working! Progress towards smarter grids is accelerating through technology advances and exciting collaborations.


Image depicting Britain and Europe lit up by a green light

Smart Grid 2011: Transforming generation, distribution and consumption

Following the successful 2010 Smart Grid conference which was attended by approximately 200 cross sectional group of representatives from utilities, regulators, academia and suppliers the IET organised a two day seminar on Smart Grids with a special focus day dedicated to electric vehicles.

Image depicting Britain and Europe lit up by a green light

Smart Grid 2010: making them a reality

The IET’s Smart Grid 2010 conference presented a showcase of what is really happening with technology adoption and the current deployments and pilots schemes aiming to achieve these objectives.