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Power Generation, Conversion and Utilisation resources

The Power Generation, Conversion and Utilisation Network covers a wide area of the power sector focusing on technologies in electricity generation, power electronic devices and systems, machines and drives, industrial and commercial power applications and electrical safety.

The Network strives to disseminate knowledge within the engineering community and it achieves this by regularly hosting free to attend events and posting content online.

Here you will find presentations and video footage from the topical events which the Network has hosted.



Image of the Code of Practice for Electrical Safety Management book

Electrical Safety Management

This seminar was about creating a strong electrical safety culture to avoid accidents. Visit the page to learn more.


Airfield runway

Airfield Engineering

Learn more about Airfield Engineering and view recent presentations which discuss the topic and the introduction of LED Technology.


All Energy logo


View the presentations from the IET's sessions at All-Energy which span a range of topics from hydropower to smart grids and much more.


Interior of a JET at Culham Centre for Fusion

Culham Centre for Fusion Energy

Get an introduction to Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, one of the world’s foremost fusion research centres - with two operational ‘tokamaks’ JET and MAST.


A magnet alongside a motor and graph

Making Rare Earth Magnets Rarer

View presentations which discuss the approaches to minimising rare earth magnet usage, cost rises and some alternative machine topologies.


Electric pylons against a night sky

Visit to the National Grid Control Centre

On the 24 May 2012 National Grid welcomed the IET PGCU network to their National Control Centre.