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Airfield Engineering

Learn more about Airfield Engineering and view recent presentations which discuss the topic and the introduction of LED Technology.

Airfield Engineering is a key topic for the IET Power Generation, Conversion and Utilisation Network and covers all aspects of airside electrical systems.

If you are involved in the management, design, manufacture, installation, operation and maintenance of airfield electrical systems, we would welcome your participation in the dedicated discussion forum, commenting on current developments and attending events.

The IET is working closely with the AGL Working Group to further its aims to improve the safety of airfield services by assessing and regulating the competency of those responsible for such services.

The Airfield Engineering discussion forum is available for you to  express your views and ask questions.

In order to engage with the airfield engineering community the Network intends on arranging various online and physical activities throughout the year. 

Below you will find copies of presentations from past events. 

2013 Developments in Airfield Engineering new window

2013 ADB-AGL Seminar

2012 ADB-AGL Seminar

Airfield Lighting and the Introduction of LED Technology seminar presentations