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John Logie Baird lectures

The John Logie Baird lecture is the IET’s annual multimedia communications themed lecture.  Each year it brings an insight to an important area of this vast technical field.

The lecture has been running for seven years and has delivered speakers from around the globe and covered everything from the origins of high definition television, to the birth of the Internet and into the future of the field with the next key developments.

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John Logie Baird lecture 2010

This 2010 IET John Logie Baird lecture gave attendees a glimpse into the thinking behind four senior names from the diverse world of multimedia communications. Titled ' A Day in the Life of a Multimedia Communicator' the evening panel session and talk was held at Goldsmiths (part of the University of London).

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John Logie Baird lecture 2011

In the 2011 IET John Logie Baird lecture, David Docherty the Chairman of the Digital TV Group (DTG) outlined the evolution of UK digital television to date and highlighted the creative, technical and business benefits of the emergence of new digital television technology.


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JLB 2012: The biggest change in TV for a generation

As the analogue switchover nears completion and HD starts to gain an increasing prominence in the many UK homes where does television go next? Will 3D become the next must have technology or will ever larger affordable TVs drive the need for “ultra HD”? Or is television as we know it a dying medium to be eclipsed by online and mobile media consumption?