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JLB 2012: The biggest change in TV for a generation

As the analogue switchover nears completion and HD starts to gain an increasing prominence in the many UK homes where does television go next? Will 3D become the next must have technology or will ever larger affordable TVs drive the need for “ultra HD”? Or is television as we know it a dying medium to be eclipsed by online and mobile media consumption?

In the 2012 IET John Logie Baird lecture we welcomed Peter Heslop, Director of Digital Switchover at Arqiva, José Luis Vázquez, CEO, Miranda PLC and Neil Maycock, Chief Architect, Snell.

This lecture intended to capture the spirit and excitement of 2012 in the TV industry, from the launch of Youview, to L2012 and DSO. This year is a pivotal year in the UK for TV. However, the event will also look at the rapid growth and changes in TV around the world as well.

José Luis Vázquez will be covering the scenario of the challenges and progress on the standardisation regarding Interactive TV and specifically, Connected TV with a focus on HbbTV.

About the Speakers

Peter Heslop - DSO Programme Director, Arqiva

  • Civil engineering background;
  • over 30 years experience of network infrastructure design and roll-out.

Peter Heslop is the DSO programme director of Arqiva, which provides transmission and network services to the UK’s broadcasting and mobile communication sectors. Arqiva is responsible for the broadcasting of all terrestrial TV signals as well as BBC radio and the majority of the UK’s commercial radio stations. As such the company has replaced all pre-existing UK terrestrial TV networks with a new high-power network in the Digital Switch Over (DSO) project.

As DSO Programme Director, Peter is responsible for ensuring a smooth transition from analogue TV to a digital-only service by the end of 2012, which is the Government-mandated deadline.

Since joining Arqiva’s predecessor in 1980 (the engineering division of the Independent Broadcasting Authority), Peter has held a variety of roles. He started out as part of the Channel 4 build team, responsible for the successful rollout of the transmitter network in 1982. He has also played a key role in the rollout of TV relays, Independent Local Radio (ILR), and Channel 5 as well as the ITV re-engineering project and the introduction of existing low-power DTT.

From 1995 to 2005, Peter was responsible for design and management of all Arqiva masts and towers and has held his current role leading DSO since 2005.
Peter graduated from the University of Manchester in 1975 with a degree in Civil Engineering. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers.

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The UK Digital Switchover (DSO) programme

Peter Heslop: From: John Logie Baird: 2012, the biggest change in TV for a generation, London, UK

2012-10-18 | Communications Channel

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José Luis Vázquez - CEO, Mirada PLC

José has a Master in Business Administration (IESE) and Advanced Telecommunications Engineering Degree (UPM). He started his professional career in the field of interactive media; collaborating in the launch of Montejava, a pioneering company delivering web services in Spain. His interest in innovative projects continued while he was Network Information Systems Manager during the launch of the cable network Madritel (now Ono) and at Infoglobal where he was Manager in high-speed IP communications through satellite and LMDS.

He founded Fresh in 2000, which became leader in the Interactive Television sector in Spain in less than one year. In February 2008 Fresh became Mirada PLC (LSE:MIRA), which he his leading now. Mirada is a leading European provider of cross-platform interactive products with offices in London, Exeter, Madrid, Milan and Montevideo.

Jose is an authority on the Interactive Digital Media industry in the Hispanic markets, and he Chairs the Spanish Association for Interactive TV (AEDETI) since November 2009. AEDETI is the coordination link for the standardisation activities on Interactive TV in the Spanish Market.

José Luis has been married for thirteen years and has four children.

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Challenges of the connected TV

Jose Luis Vazquez: From: John Logie Baird: 2012, the biggest change in TV for a generation, London, UK

2012-10-18 | Communications Channel

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Neil Maycock - Chief Architect, Snell

Neil is currently Chief Architect at Snell, and previously held the position of CMO with responsibility for Snell’s marketing operations following the 2009 merger of Pro-Bel and Snell Wilcox. Prior to the merger he had been a member of the Pro-Bel board and a lead member of the MBO team that acquired Pro-Bel from Chyron in 2003. Neil held a number of positing within Pro-Bel included President of the Americas, Chief Technology Officer, and Vice President of Engineering. Neil has a BSc in Electronic Engineering from Essex University, he is a Fellow of the IET, Chartered Engineer, and a Fellow of the Institute of Directors.

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What next for television?

Neil Maycock: From: John Logie Baird: 2012, the biggest change in TV for a generation, London, UK

2012-10-18 | Communications Channel

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