IBC is the leading global trade show for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of broadcasting media and entertainment. Each year the IET, in collaboration with the Information and Communications Sector and the Multimedia Communications Network, puts on an activity at the event to help us engage with our members in this field. Ranging from the launch of a new collaborative publication, an evening talk or a drinks reception.

The following pages contain a number of resources from the IET's presence at previous events, including the Best of IET and IBC Publication, which has been created and released every year since 2009, and videos from the event. 


IBC Logo with the year 2013 written underneath

IBC 2013
12 - 17 September, Amsterdam

IBC logo with 2012 underneath

IBC 2012
6 - 11 September, Amsterdam

IBC logo with 2011 underneath

IBC 2011
8 - 13 September, Amsterdam

IBC logo with 2010 underneath

IBC 2010
9 - 14 September, Amsterdam

IBC logo with 2009 written underneath

IBC 2009
10 - 14 September, Amsterdam