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William James Award

Awarded to PhD students making a contribution toward the development of Biomedical Engineering.

The William James Award 2013 was awarded to Joachim Behar. 

The William James Award is presented to the student whose PhD research shows the most potential to contribute toward the development and improvement of the Biomedical Engineering field.

This award was instated by Professor Christopher J James, of Warwick University, in honour of his late father.

The award is presented to encourage, support and recognise outstanding work of PhD students demonstrating a high level of commitment and advanced understanding of Biomedical Engineering.


The William James Award is open to all PhD students in the field of Biomedical Engineering, entries must be submitted before the degree is conferred.

Any contribution by others to the work submitted must be made clear in the application.


The winning entrant will receive a prize of £400, a plaque and a certificate of recognition.

Application and award process

  1. Any student may nominate themselves or be nominated by their academic department.
  2. Applicants are required to submit a nomination form and an electronic copy of the paper the nomination abstract is based on.
  3. The panel of experts who will carry out the judging will be appointed by the Executive Team of the IET’s Healthcare Technologies Network.
  4. Papers will be judged on the originality and quality of their content as well as the writing style.
  5. It may be decided, at the discretion of the panel, that the award will not be presented in any particular year. The decision by the panel is final and not subject to appeal.
  6. All entry information will remain confidential.


The winner of the award will be invited to the attend the IET’s Annual Healthcare Technologies Awards night to present their work to colleagues and peers.

The award will next be run early in 2015, details to follow soon. 

This award is organised by the IET Healthcare Technologies Network.