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Electromagnetics Network resources

Electromagnetics is an important part of a wide range of multi-disciplinary engineering. Virtually all engineers, whether working on power transmission, complete systems, remote sensing or microelectronics, constantly use electromagnetic principles. On these pages you will find resources such as events the network has held and their presentations, through to the latest hot topics, research and development in this field.

	The Eighth International Conference on Computation in Electromagnetics

CEM 2011 Highlights

This conference on Computation in Electromagnetics offers high quality technical presentations on computational techniques for solving problems in Electromagnetics. View the past conference proceedings to learn more.


Wind turbine that is deep red

Electromagnetics in Current and Emerging and Power Systems

This was a successful one day seminar on electromagnetics in current and emerging energy and power systems. The control systems for emerging renewable energy plants are sophisticated electronic systems and there are inevitable EMC issues to consider.


Lightning striking a town during a storm

Extreme Electromagnetics – The Triple Threat to Infrastructure

The 2013 seminar on 14 January covered three extreme electromagnetic environments that have the potential to cause devastating damage to widely distributed infrastructure through the interaction of an intense Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP).