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The role of engineering in the built environment

Learn more on how built environment technologies are becoming ever more valuable and are heavily influencing the UK government's thinking for its vision of 2050.

The UK is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by a minimum of 80% by 2050 compared to its 1990 levels. In order to achieve this goal, the UK must transform its economy while ensuring secure, low carbon energy supplies to 2050.

More than half the world's population now live in a built environment. China anticipates three hundred million people will move from the countryside to the city in the next 15 years; the impact on our city infrastructure and systems has never been more apparent.

City skyline The Built Environment Technologies Network notes the Future 2050 vision as a topic of interest and will endeavour to deliver technical seminars and resources, such as articles and interviews, to the community which focuses on the Future 2050 and the its implications to the built environment.

Future 2050 lectures

2010 The Future 2050: The Role of Engineering in the Built Environment 

2011 The Future 2050: The Role of Engineering in the Built Environment