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Millimetre wave technologies for gigabit per second wireless communications

The IET hosted a one-day seminar reviewing the latest developments on mm-wave technologies for Gigabit per second communications.


Portrait of Franz Dielacher

Silicon-based devices and MMIC’s for mm-wave communication systems

The use of mm-wave transceiver technology for high-data-rate communications and pro-active safety systems like car-radar is gaining on popularity. The need for miniaturization irrespective of frequency or system requires to integrate complete functions on a chip or in a package including even the antenna.



Portrait of Vincent Fusco

Miniaturized SiGe V-Band Active Transmit Balun

A miniaturized V-band active transmit balun suitable for direct attachment to an integrated on-chip dipole antenna is proposed in this work.



Portrait of Liam Devlin

A Low-Cost, 60GHz Driver Amplifier Operating from a Single +3V Supply

This paper describes the design and development of a low cost driver amplifier covering 57 to 64GHz. The IC is realised on a low cost GaAs PHEMT process produced on 6” diameter wafers with optically defined gates.



Portrait of Mury Thian

A SiGe Power Amplifier with Integrated BALUNs for 81-86 GHz E-Band Backhaul Applications

The design of a two-stage differential cascode power amplifier (PA) for 81-86 GHz E-band applications is presented. The PA was realised in SiGe technology with fT/fmax 170/250 GHz.

Portrait of Domenico Pepe

Millimetre-wave 65nm CMOS Class C Oscillator at 65 GHz

65-GHz Class-C LC oscillator designed in 65nm CMOS technology by ST Microelectronics is presented. A three spiral transformer has been used to achieve low phase noise and low power consumption.



Portrait of Jian Zhang

SiGe V-band 6-port receiver MMIC

The first reported compact V-band 6-port IQ receiver MMIC integrated with IF amplifier using Infineon SiGe bipolar process is described. The receiver is designed to cover the 57–65 GHz broadband wireless communication system frequency allocation.

3D view of a typical SIW structure

Study of System in package technology for 60 GHz wireless transceivers

In order to design and implement a wireless transceiver system featuring high integrity, high date rate and flexible reconfigurability, some newly-emerging and promising technologies or concepts, such as SIC, AiP, LTCC, 60-GHz band, RF MEMS will be incorporated and combined together.

Portrait of Giuseppina Sapone

MM-wave flip-chip package-chip co-design

This paper describes the design and the simulated results of a W-band amplifier housed in a package. The LNA is designed in a SiGe technology with 200GHz of transition frequency, and is intended to operate around 94GHz. The package is flip-chip and adopts a fine-pitch copper-pillar technology.

Portrait of Alexandros Feresidis

Waveguide-Fed High Gain Antenna at Submillimeter Wave Frequencies

A waveguide-fed high gain planar antenna operating at approximately 300 GHz is designed. The antenna configuration is based on a Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) placed in front of a waveguide-fed aperture in a ground plane.

Portrait of Alejandro Javier Martínez Ros

Substrate Integrated Waveguide Leaky-Wave Antenna Designed for Millimetre Wave Bands

A leaky-wave antenna operating at the frequency of 94 GHz and showing flexible radiation properties, is presented in this paper. The proposed structure is based on a microstrip line loaded with metallic posts.

Portrait of Vincent Fusco

Mm-wave characterisation of printed circuit boards

Millimeter wave technology paves the way to next generation wireless applications, e.g. high-bandwidth LAN at 60 GHz. There is a growing demand for using inexpensive printed circuit board substrates (PCBs) for mm-wave devices.

Portrait of Jian Zhang

Wide-band Single-ended and Differential V-band SiGe Low Noise Amplifiers

Two compact V-band low noise amplifier, one single-ended and one differential, using 0.35 μm SiGe HBT process (Infineon fT / fmax=170/250 GHz) are described in this paper.



Portrait of Liam Devlin

An E-band Voltage Variable Attenuator Realised on a Low Cost 0.13um PHEMT Process

E-band spectrum at 71 to 76GHz and 81 to 86GHz offers worldwide availability and wide bandwidths under a light license system [1]. This makes it very attractive for very high data rate applications such as cellular back-haul. Component availability is currently relatively limited and cost relatively high [2] but this is starting to change.

LNA Chip

Low Power Consumption LNAs and High Power, High Frequency Power Amplifiers for Satellite Applications

This paper describes both 14GHz LNA and 60GHz HPA MMICs for space applications. It discusses the need for high level performance and in the case of the LNA a limited power budget, which is a primary requirement for space applications.