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Cognitive Radio

Cognitive radios have the potential to revolutionise radio systems but there are still technical, regulatory and business barriers that need to be overcome. Only by coming together and understanding the issue can real progress be made towards real exploitation.

 The vibrancy of Cognitive radios as a research topic area is highlighted by the number of complementary activities being conducted by European FP7 programme new window .

These programmes such as: CROWN new window ; ; QUASAR new window ; SENDORA new window ; FARAMIR new window ; SAPHYRE new window and others demonstrate the level of business and academic interest in this area.

Large antenna at twilight

The main functions of Cognitive Radios are: 

Spectrum Sensing

Detecting the unused spectrum and sharing it without harmful interference with other users. It is an important requirement of the Cognitive Radio network to sense spectrum holes. Detecting primary users is the most efficient way to detect spectrum holes.

Spectrum Management

Capturing the best available spectrum to meet user communication requirements.

Cognitive radios should decide on the best spectrum band to meet the Quality of service requirements over all available spectrum bands, therefore spectrum management functions are required for Cognitive radios.

Spectrum Mobility

Spectrum Mobility, is defined as the process when a cognitive radio user exchanges its frequency of operation. Cognitive radio networks target to use the spectrum in a dynamic manner by allowing the radio terminals to operate in the best available frequency band, maintaining seamless communication requirements during the transition to better spectrum.

Spectrum Sharing

Spectrum Sharing, providing the fair spectrum scheduling method. One of the major challenges in open spectrum usage is the spectrum sharing. It can be regarded to be similar to generic media access control MAC problems in existing systems.

So what are the technical, business regulatory challenges?

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