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Welcome to communities

IET Communities provide opportunities for like-minded people to network, share ideas and expertise, collaborate, learn and keep abreast of news and views.

Our communities cover local areas and technical topics. Find a community that matches your interests.

Technical & Professional Networks

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Technical and Professional Networks

The IET has 22 Technical and Professional Networks (TPNs). Each network is driven by a group of volunteers who work or have expertise within the topic area and promotes the sharing and advancement of knowledge through various activities.

Volunteer Resources

Communities overview

IET Communities have a number of different functions. They bring engineers and technicians around the world to network, collaborate, share ideas, learn and expand their contacts.

Event basics
New to organising events or just need a reminder of the basics? These documents will give you advice on how to put an event together.
Managing money
Find out more about the different operating models available to IET communities and what is required of communities volunteer groups in receipt of funding.
Applying for funding

Find out how to start and fund your own community.

Communities' metrics

All you need to know about communities metrics. Download the monthly metrics report and find out how to submit your metrics to the Communities team.

Running a successful IET Community

How to run a successful community, applying for funding, managing your money and compiling metrics.

Communities contacts

Meet the communities team, the volunteers at the heart of the governance structure and the staff that support IET communities around the world.

IET Online Communities

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Search for a community

Get involved with communities to share and discuss information, upload photos, documents and news articles, and publicise events with other MyCommunity members.

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