Holovis brings immersive adventure to Bollywood Parks Dubai

Holovis has set a new industry standard for immersive attractions with its revolutionary motion simulation experience now in final commissioning at Bollywood Parks Dubai.

Image of how the bollywood theme park would look

This has been designed and delivered as a unique turn-key project creating a new kind of media-based dark-ride, which takes immersive ride technology to a whole new level. Bollywood Parks Dubai will be the world’s first theme park dedicated to the Mumbai-based Indian film industry, celebrating the biggest names of Indian cinema brought to life in a unique desert environment. This latest turn-key Holovis attraction uses a brand new immersive tunnel design that puts a greater number of guests right at the heart of the action, bringing them closer to the exciting media.

So what’s in it?

The 30-seat purpose built, themed motion systems seamlessly connect to the synchronised media telling a compelling story. Specially created 3D media is then delivered onto enormous concave screens completely enveloping the ride vehicles through the use of a highly complex and unique projection design system. This complex optical design seamlessly merges with the latest graphics, ensuring that every guest gets the perfect experience with optimum sightlines, regardless of seat position or height. The experience is further enhanced with Holovis HiFiniti spatial audio, multiple SFX systems and motion control technology that perfectly synchronises with the media ensuring the guests believe they are at the centre of this fantastic journey.

A message from the CEO

“We have taken our existing ride solutions and developed them further to deliver one of the most realistic, virtual storytelling experiences. This ultimate level of immersion creates a thrilling and class defining attraction, seen for the first time only at the world’s first Bollywood inspired theme park,” highlights Stuart Hetherington, Holovis CEO. “The design and optimum performance of these attractions has also been extensively simulated and tested using RideView, Holovis’s proprietary immersive design platform which brings the whole attraction to life in our 1:1 scale VR CAVE environment. This unique capability allows real-time volumetric 3D exploration, simulation and review by the team and client, ensuring the highest impact for lowest risk, with every element integrated and correctly designed to deliver the required experience, long before the physical build and on-site work commences.”