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Great return on investment for Finmeccanica-Selex ES

Finmeccanica-Selex ES is the first UK-wide company to achieve the Investors in Young People (IIYP) award, recently launched by Investors in People Scotland.

Graduates taking part in one of the programmes.

The IIYP accreditation recognises employers who are committed to supporting youth employment.Finmeccanica-Selex ES sites in Basildon, Luton, Southampton and Edinburgh all received this prestigious new due to the quality of the programmes which they provide for young people in the business, which includes their interaction with educational establishments and the community.

What IIYP accreditation means for Finmeccanica-Selex ES

The award also considers how young people are integrated into the workforce after their programme ends, and the ways in which they are engaged outside of the formal programmes. External engagement activities include the annual Big Bang Festival, Robotic Games, National Women in Engineering Day, Sons and Daughters to Work Days, schoolmentorships and charity fundraising for local children. Investors in People (IIP) ran a pilot of the new IIYP standard and wanted to ensure that they included a good cross section of organisations of different sizes, sectors and industries. IIP was already aware of Finmeccanica-Selex ES due to its existing IIP accreditation and knew that it had an established young talent pipeline. “This gave us confidence that we could test higher levels of a framework with them due to the levels of good practice we knew were in place,” notes Laura Peacock, Key Relationship Manager atIIP Scotland.

Piloting the new framework and achievable goals

Finmeccanica-Selex ES was involved in the pilot for the recently launchedsecondgenerationIIYP framework, which reviews the outcomes and practices of established youth employers. “The pilot helped us understand how the framework could support organisations by challenging and stretching them to higher levels of practice and embedded outcomes,” says Laura. “We learned what was achievable for organisations to aim towards and what was simply standard practice.Finmeccanica-Selex ES helped us understand more about the barriers, challenges and opportunities that such employees could face and that helped us think about the terminology we use.” Following the pilot, IIP Scotland reviewed changes to the levels of practice and terminology within the framework, as well as adding and removing some of the criteria to create a more challenging framework that incorporates the addition of silver and gold levels.

Aiming to reach higher

Finmeccanica-Selex ES is keen to take the lessons learned from this exercise and aim for even higher levels of excellence in educational outreach. At this year’s National Women in Engineering Day the company launched the start of a longterm study into the impact of their educational outreach amongst female pupils. This will help find out whether the company can influence their subject choices and later career choices through positive intervention in the form of informal educational activities. This is the first time the company has tried to measure its impact in this way so that it can learn where it can best serve the community and improve its offering.