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BBC re-ignites their partnership with the IET

On Monday 19 October, the BBC hosted a Partnership agreement re-signing ceremony with the IET.

Naomi Climer and Mathew Postgate at the BBC signing

Newly elected IET President Naomi Climer and BBC Chief Technology Officer Matthew Postgate signed the agreement on behalf of the two organisations, during a lunch and signing ceremony in front of a select group of BBC guests. This partnership formalises a long history between the two organisations dating back to 1923, when the newly formed BBC was offered space in IET London: Savoy Place.

An inspiring speech from Naomi Climer

The signing was followed by a speech given by Naomi to an audienceofBBC engineers and technicians. She spoke about her background and journey, from starting her career onaBBC training scheme to her most recent role at Sony almost 30 years later. Naomi finished her talk by describing the future of the partnership betweentheBBC and the IET. “As well as inspiring and informing the next generation of engineers, a key element of the IET’s strategy is closer engagement with both businesses and universities – especially those businesses with engineers and technicians at the heart of their operations – liketheBBC” she says. “So one of the outcomes for you, as an IET Partner, will be high value links with other individuals and organisations - relevant to your field of work” she continues.

The event continues

Naomi was followed by Andy Jones, BBC Principal Technologist and IET Fellow, who explained why this partnership is so important for the BBC’s engineers and technicians and what it means for them in the future. “I see all of us benefitting from this partnership around the whole engineering life-cycle, inside the BBC and across the UK” he states. The IET visitors were then treated to a tour of MediaCityUK by Tim Sargeant, Technology Controller for North, which included seeing Radio 5 Live live on air, viewing the R&D facility, and meeting a host of staff members from a range of departments.

The Partnership

“We are delighted the BBC has re-signed their Partnership agreement with us” says Matthew Barber, IET Corporate Account Manager. “The BBC has sent a clear message to all of its engineers and technicians that they are committed to the highest professionalism and standards within engineering and technology – for each individual, as well as for the organisation.”