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Employer benefits

Investing in your apprentices by obtaining IET approval to your apprenticeship scheme will contribute to employee development and greater long term success.

Demonstrates commitment to development and progression 

  • Acts as a significant motivational tool;
  • Aids recruitment;
  • Increases retention rates;
  • Rewards hard work and promotes future development;
  • Reinforces company professionalism with customers;
  • Confidence in the abilities of the engineers;
  • Strengthening quotations or tenders.

Endorses the quality of the scheme against IET delivered benchmarks

  • Ensures that the requirements of UKSPEC tailored delivery are meet.
  • Ensures that possible gaps in competence are identified and addressed.

Access to the resources of the IET

Full membership access:

  • Library and information services;
  • Networking opportunities;
  • Technical forums;
  • Training;
  • Specialist magazines;

IET Apprentice membership costs just £20 per year or £30 for the duration of your apprenticeship programme, if the company pays.

Approval process 

Approval is straightforward to implement and involves little extra work for providers. The support services provided by the IET to help you gain approval are free of charge though we ask that providers support apprentices in becoming members of the IET and eventually  in achieving registration as Engineering or ICT Technicians.

The IET has mapped the competence requirements for EngTech or ICTTech registration against a number of engineering apprenticeship frameworks.

This means that providing the mapped units are delivered as part of the apprenticeship, proof of competence is not required. This is the streamlined route to registration. 

Please note that not all pathways will provide a full map. The IET can provide advice about the choice of units.


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