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Royal Navy Weapon Engineers special registration agreement

CEng, IEng or EngTech special registration agreements for Royal Navy weapon engineers personnel, both general service and submarine.

Apply for professional registration

You will need to become a member of the IET before applying for professional registration.  For more information please visit the Armed Forces IET Membership page.

To avoid duplication for applicants in demonstrating competence the IET has recognised the particularly rigorous internal training and competence assessment systems employed by Royal Navy weapon engineers (RN WE) and has been able to use this to underpin part of the process for registration applications.

A specially tailored application form has been designed for applicants following this route which takes into account RN WE's internal assessments systems.

Download a professional registration application pack.

Eligibility criteria

These routes have been defined by a series of benchmarks which form the eligibility criteria for each category of registration as follows:



  • Current serving member of RN WE branch;
  • Have been successfully selected for promotion to Lieutenant Commander in the RN WE branch;
  • Attended an IET professional review interview.



  • Current serving member of RN WE branch;
  • Have been appointed (currently or previously) as Deputy Weapon Engineering Officer (DWEO) and have passed the WE Charge Board interview*.


  • Current serving member of RN WE branch;
  • Be at least a Chief Petty Officer Engineering Technician (CPOET) and have passed the Professional Qualifying Exam (PQE) for Chief Petty Officer (CPOET)*.



  • Current serving member of RN WE branch;
  • Have attained the rank of Leading Engineering Technician (LET) and successfully completed the LET Taskbook and OPS check at sea following the LET course.

(A professional review interview is not mandatory for EngTech but may be requested in exceptional cases)

*Applicants meeting these criteria are required to provide a copy of their PQE or Charge Board certificate with their application form.

How to apply

Please download the application pack using the link at the top of this page.  

The application form, once completed, should be sent with payment to:

Registration and Standards
The Institution of Engineering and Technology
Michael Faraday House
Six Hills Way

You should also send a copy of your application form (excluding the payment page) to:

MWS Marlborough F152
Newgate Lane
PO14 1AS

who will confirm your eligibility to the IET.

Need help?

Should you have any questions or problems downloading the application pack, please contact us: