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Past apprentice case studies

Explore our entire archive of apprentice case studies, where apprentices past and present share their experiences.

Wayne Goodman, RAF

Wayne Goodman, RAF

As an RAF apprentice, senior aircraftman (SAC) Wayne Goodman has had the opportunity to travel around the world working on the avionics of fast jets such as Tornados. Here he highlights the opportunities this apprenticeship has given him.



Anthony Benton, Unilever

Anthony Benton, Unilever

Having completed an engineering apprenticeship at Unilever, where he gained several qualifications including a HNC, Anthony now works for the company as a manual technician and plans to start an engineering degree soon.



Sarah Turnbull, Rolls-Royce apprentice

Sarah Turnbull, Rolls-Royce

Sarah’s passion for understanding how things work led her to a career in engineering and an advanced apprenticeship at Rolls-Royce, which has seen her work closely with the local community to promote engineering in schools.



Ashok Hemmings

Ashok Hemmings, Rolls-Royce

Ashok was surprised to discover how interesting and exciting life as an engineering apprentice at Rolls-Royce could be. Through his apprenticeship he’s had the chance to gain a degree, get hands-on at work and even travel!



Sara Underwood, Rolls-Royce

Sara Underwood, Rolls-Royce

Sara was awarded the 2013 Mary George Memorial Prize for an Outstanding Apprentice for her determination and drive to succeed in all aspects of her career as well as her STEM volunteering work.



Alex Acosta, ZF Services

Alex Acosta, ZF Services

Alex moved from A levels to an apprenticeship and hasn’t looked back. He feels in just a few months he’s been able to grow his skills massively and is loving learning on the job!



Patrik Csuhaj, Hardide Coatings

Patrik Csuhaj, Hardide Coatings

Studying the dynamics of F1 cars could have seen Patrik on track to a mechanical career, but he changed gear for an apprenticeship at Hardide Coatings where, like the motorsport world, it is all about performance.



Jordan Phillips

Jordan Phillips, Nestle

As a craft apprentice at Nestle York, Jordan has discovered how wide the world of engineering can be within the food and drink industry, and has been surprised by the many career opportunities on offer.



Jade Aspinall

Jade Aspinall, MBDA

Jade is a second year engineering apprentice at MBDA. Here she shares her experiences on the job and at colleges and tells us about the opportunities she’s had to enter competitions and travel internationally.



Alex Hopkins

Alex Hopkins, BT

Having applied for both a master’s degree in computer science and an apprenticeship with BT, Alex chose the later because he wanted a hands-on role within engineering and technology.



Matthew Payne, Atlas Copco Compressors

Matthew Payne, Atlas Copco Compressors

An apprentice compressor engineer, Matthew’s enjoying the challenge of learning new skills. He hopes in time to specialise in mechanical engineering and use his skills to work overseas.



Steven Fox, Simoco Group

Steven Fox, Simoco Group

As a radio engineering apprentice, Steven has been able to learn many new technical skills, as well as gain qualifications and get a better understanding of how businesses work.



Adam Banks

Adam Banks, E.ON

Mature apprentice Adam Banks moved into engineering from the chemical industry and never looked back. He wants to use his experiences to help others that believe they have missed their opportunity to see it’s never to late.



Carrie Rossiter

Carrie Rossiter, BMT Defence Services

An engineering apprentice in the defence industry, Carrie’s found life working for BMT Defence Services hectic but rewarding. She’s gained many new skills and qualifications and even won first place in the national Industry Powerboat Competition, run by QinetiQ. With company support she’s working towards an HNC and HND, and eventually will go on day release to university to complete a top-up degree.



Natasha Carpenter

Natasha Carpenter, IET YWE 2011

As a single mum Natasha was motivated to improve both her own and her son’s future. She decided to move away from what she considered a dead-end job as a secretary and took the big leap of moving into a new sector, one that would see her become an apprentice telecoms engineer for Cable and Wireless Worldwide.



Lydia Feasey

Lydia Feasey, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy

Lydia Feasey is in the third year of her apprenticeship at Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE). She is working her way around the site, learning new mechanical and electrical engineering skills and trying out different roles through the placement system. These vary, from being in a design office to being in a mechanical workshop or working with an installation team, fitting parts to one of the fusion reactors.



Ellen James

Ellen James, Bentley Motors

Driving Bentleys around the track, encouraged to try departments out and given responsibility early on, Ellen James loves how Bentley treats its apprentices and her career engine is raring to progress.



Kirsty Rossington - National Grid

Kirsty Rossington, National Grid

Kirsty Rossington is a substation apprentice for National Grid. Her job involves maintaining the equipment and carrying out repairs on substations to ensure the area surrounding them is supplied with electricity.



Steve Mann, GE Aviation Systems

Steve Mann, GE Aviation Systems

A GE Aviation Systems higher engineering apprentice, Steve Mann is in the second year of his three-year programme, based in Bishop's Cleeve near Cheltenham.



Samantha Prichard - QinetiQ

Samantha Prichard, QinetiQ

Being trained to work in aeronautical engineering and getting paid to boot? Samantha Prichard has gained experience in aircraft maintenance and plans to continue this work at QinetiQ when her apprenticeship ends.



Michelle Richmond

Michelle Richmond, The IET

Michelle Richmond began her career as an apprentice and now manages 125 staff and a £16 million budget. She tells Sue Littlemore how the only girl apprentice on her course became a director at the IET.



Lisa Pape

Lisa Pape, 3M

Mechanical maintenance engineering apprentice Lisa Pape is a successful fundraiser, volunteer and IET award winner.



Jon Fogwell, QinetiQ

Jon Fogwell, QinetiQ

Unsure what to do as a career, Fogwell found that an engineering apprenticeship was exactly what he needed after spending several years after school working in HR and the MoD.



Bentley Motors craft apprentice Charlotte Gough

Charlotte Gough, Bentley Motors

Researching alternative routes to A levels, an apprenticeship seemed the perfect answer for Charlotte Gough. She now is enjoying life at Bentley Motors and has begun working towards a degree.