HETA apprentices praised at awards nights

Humberside Engineering Training Association, (HETA) held separate award nights for Hull and HETA South Bank for the first time ever, to celebrate the apprentice cohort of 2012/13.

HETA winners at the awards night At the events, held in December, a variety of awards were handed out to award overall, most improved and best in section apprentices.

2013 has been a year of achievement for HETA, not only in apprentice training but also in the jobs market. Speaking at the annual apprentice presentation evenings, general manager Eric Collis said that the growing number of apprentices has meant that the previous joint presentation has had to be split into north and south bank nights.

Guest speaker at the Hull apprentice presentation was Dr Phil Rubini, chairman of the IET Humber Local Network and programme leader of Hull University’s Chemical Engineering degree programmes, who described apprentices as “at the front end of the next generation of engineers”.

The next generation of engineers

“Engineers do everything,” he said. “Everything we use is designed, built and commissioned by engineers. Every time you get in a car or on an aeroplane you put your trust in engineers.

“If you are ill, you go to your doctor. You know little about him but you would tell him everything and trust him implicitly because you believe he is a professional. We are a professional organisation and we aim to promote that same trust for engineers.”

All HETA apprentice training is accredited by the IET and apprentices and trainees can go on to become Chartered or Incorporated engineers within the organisation.

VRQ and skills certificates were presented to all the students before company sponsors made presentations of individual awards.

HETA’s 2013 award winners

Award winners Hull

Most Improved Electrical (sponsored by Aunt Bessies): Harriet Buckton
Overall Electrical (Aunt Bessies): Nathan Bunting
Most Improved Fitting (Aunt Bessies): Reece Green
Overall Fitting (Logan Teleflex): Tom Huntley
Most Improved Welding (Eng Weld): Dylan Wilson
Overall Welding (Eng Weld): Luke Hoggard
Most Improved Process (ABP): Glen Johnson
Overall Process (BP Chemicals): Samantha Taylor
Most Improved Multi-Skilled (ABP): Keanan Challis
Overall Multi-Skilled (Logan Teleflex): Jake Green
Overall Apprentice of the Year (Air Products): Luke Hoggard

Additional Recognition Awards

IET Award of Excellence: Samantha Taylor
STEM Apprentice Ambassador (IBL): Glen Johnson
Excellence in Health & Safety (BP Chemicals): Ben Rymer
Staff 10 year Service Award: Andrea Snowden
Staff Qualifications: Bob Padley, Chris Bourne, John Huggins, Chris Sims, Scott Rorrison.

Award winners Grimsby

Most Improved Electrical (sponsored by Lindsey Oil Refinery): Ben Pexman-Cock
Overall Electrical (Lindsey Oil Refinery): Sam Huddleston
Most Improved Mechanical (BP Chemicals): Miles Anderson
Overall Mechanical (Phillips66): Tom Beacroft
Overall Fabrication (Hodson & Kauss): Thomas Holmes
Most Improved Instrumentation (BP Chemicals): Ryan Nicolson
Overall Instrumentation (ABP): Lewis Haughan
Apprentice of the Year (Phillips66): Zoe Sparling

Award winners Scunthorpe

Most Improved Electrical (Freshney Cargo Services): Lewis Catley
Overall Electrical (Hodson & Kauss): Jaymes Truman
Most Improved Mechanical (Lindsey Oil Refinery): Darren Southern
Overall Mechanical (Lindsey Oil Refinery): Tyler Burkill
Most Improved Structural (Phillips66): Jamie Cook
Overall Structural (Lindsey Oil Refinery): Bradley McGrath
Apprentice of the Year (Bradken): Lewis Gathercole

Additional Recognition Awards

Rocol Outstanding Achievement Award: Thomas Holmes
IMechE Ward of Excellence: Scott Neary
Cromwell Award for Endeavour & Adversity: Ryan Gant
Excellence in Health & Safety (CATCH): Josh Walker
Engineering Innovation Challenge: Thomas Holmes, Sam Wiggett, Jack Jones
Staff 10 year Service Award: Alex Billingham; Jeff Roberts
Staff Qualifications: Ian Hemmingway; David Curtis