Georgina's diary entry - Spring 2012

Georgina signs off in her final diary entry by sharing her experiences of life working on naval ships for her final placement at MBDA. She’s excited by her current role, which may lead to global travel…

Georgina Harper This will be my last diary entry for the IET as I have now moved into my final department. I have joined the team in customer support services and am currently based in Portsmouth, working on the kit we have on Her Majesty’s ships at the naval base. Being part of the waterfront team in Portsmouth, my job entails taking part in corrective and preventative maintenance on board all ships.

I have been in Portsmouth since the beginning of January and have loved every minute of it so far. The team I work with is a small team of three but we get on really well. I work on different kit and ships daily, which makes life so much more interesting.

The kinds of work I’m doing

Some of the work I have done so far here includes the six monthly tests on our SCE (system communicator equipment). This is done to ensure that the signals sent through the ship, missile and kit are all working correctly and to overcome any faults with the kit: things as small as LEDs, to switches not working and any cable faults.

I have also been working in the silo; this is where the missiles are kept when the ship is on assignments. My role has been ensuring that everything is lubricated as it should be and everything is in working order. Within this easy task I did have to overcome some problems such as the hatch doors being locked down due to corrosion caused by sea water and one or two of the hatch seals were too worn and had to be replaced.

This is all known as corrective and preventative maintenance, which we pass on to the Navy so when they are out at sea they will be able to overcome the problem without us having to be there with them.

Continuing to study - HND next?

I still study my HNC at college one day a week, however dependant on the workflow on the naval base I sometimes study away from college. The plan for my studies is to continue with my HND in September but whether it will still be in Oakland’s college at Welwyn Garden City or at a Portsmouth college is yet to be seen.

Future plans

My time in Portsmouth is pencilled in for nine months, however it could be for much longer, I’ll just have to wait and see. I’m excited to be here and really enjoy the work, plus there are so many opportunities within this department that I could end up on assignments all over the world!