Georgina's diary entry - Autumn 2011

Georgina spent the summer months in the commodities department, getting to see the work MBDA's business and commercial apprentices undertake as well as taking part in the process of awarding sub-contract work.

Georgina Harper My last three-month placement was working in the commodities department. This placement was good for me as an engineering apprentice, as I got to see how the other side (business/commercial apprentices) work. Within this department I was highly involved in tracking the progress in all the areas that we sub-contract out, such as catering and facilities around site etc.

I also got to be involved in another big part of the work in this department: awarding contracts. While I was there MBDA was looking for companies to undertake electric mechanical and civil work that needed to be done on all three sites within the UK, alongside catering services. My work involved creating pre-qualification questionnaires and sending them out to over 90 companies, once returned marking them, and creating a shortlist of companies that we felt were competent to do the job.

Once the shortlist was created, me and my team then had to listen to presentations from each company and mark accordingly. The sub-contract was awarded to the company we felt was most competent and which had the highest mark.

I have now just started working in the configuration area, which is around the lifecycle of a product and everything that makes the product. This will be another three month placement so I’ll leave there in December. January 2012 I will start my permanent department in customer support services (CSS), where I spent some time earlier this year and thoroughly enjoyed myself! I’m really looking forward to returning there…