About Georgina Harper

18-year-old Georgina Harper is a second year apprentice on MBDA's engineering apprentice scheme, which lasts for four years.

Georgina Harper

Based in Stevenage, Herts, the first year is five days a week at Oakland's College in Welwyn Garden City. This is for the Performing Engineering Operations (PEO) level and half of the Ordinary National Certificate (ONC) level however this is also carried into the following year. The next three years are day release at college and in placements on the Stevenage site. In her third and fourth year she will be studying at HNC level and once the apprenticeship is completed she can go on to study for her HND.  

MBDA apprentices do ten placements, each lasting 13 weeks. In this time they learn about the job itself and how it contributes to the end product.

Love for engineering

Georgina's love for engineering came from her dad, helping him fix things around the house and the cars etc, so because of that she studied engineering at college, where her tutors all suggested she apply for an apprenticeship at MBDA as well as other companies as they thought she would go far. She joined the company's scheme in 2008 and is enjoying every second of it.