Emma's diary entry - Summer 2012

Emma’s final diary entry finds her completing her apprenticeship, undertaking interviews and making plans to work her way up into Network Rail management!

Emma Taylor Since my last blog I have been busy getting all of my apprenticeship work up to date, so that I am ready to be signed off of the Network Rail Advanced Apprenticeship Scheme in a month’s time. I have also applied for two jobs within the company, one being a national aerial survey specialist on the Network Rail helicopters and the other as a Grade 3 technician at my depot, Westbury. I have an interview for the Grade 3 and am waiting to hear back from the Air Operations Unit.

It is a very exciting stage of my apprenticeship as all of my hard work throughout the three years may hopefully pay off with me being offered a good job. Even if I am not offered any of the two, then I hope to be offered a Grade 2 position at my depot.

Becoming fully qualified!

I will be sad to leave the apprenticeship as I have had a great experience throughout my three years however I am looking forward to being fully qualified as well as earning a good wage!

I have just completed a barriers course and have also completed my SMTH (Signalling Maintenance and Testing Handbook) qualifications. In two weeks time I shall be heading to Taunton to complete my Level 3 Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) qualification and shall be returning to HMS Sultan in July to complete a two-week Route Relay Interlocking (RRI) course.

Future plans

I have great memories from the scheme and my aim now is to go as far as I can within Network Rail. I plan to apply for the HNC and a degree, which is offered to the apprentices next year and I eventually hope to find myself in a good management position. The Network Rail Apprenticeship Scheme really is a great way to kick start your career and I would recommend it to anyone.