Emma's diary entry - Autumn 2011

Emma's been working both day and night shifts out and about with the Westbury maintenance team. She's got to deal with some pretty technical faults, allowing her to put the skills she's learnt into action.

Emma Taylor carrying out maintenance on a location case Since my last diary entry I have continued to spend my working days/nights with the faulting and maintenance team of Westbury. I have been involved with some rather technical faults, which have enabled me to practice my skills at reading circuit diagrams and using them to navigate my way around the equipment. Some of these faults involved both right side and wrong side failures, some of which we had to work hard and quickly to diagnose the problem without disrupting trains too much.

I have also been carrying out quarter and annual maintenance on different parts of equipment and again putting my knowledge and practical skills to the test.

Working the night shift

I also got to help out with the replacement of eight stretcher bars whilst on a twelve-hour night shift. This I thoroughly enjoyed as it allowed me to use the skills I had been taught both from the training school as well as on track.

To do this we removed the old stretcher bars and attached the new "yellow" bars. We then had to measure them out correctly by using the relevant paperwork and tools. Once this was done we held them in place by clamping them and drilled holes in the stretcher bars to permanently position them with the correct measurement between switch and stock rail. We then carried out the relevant checks and tests, such as FPL and detection test.

Returning to HMS Sultan

I have also recently been back to HMS Sultan for my two-week training course on Train Protection Warning Systems (TPWS) and faulting on equipment. This helped me to understand the workings and maintenance required on TPWS as well as teaching me the correct procedure when faultfinding and the techniques used to try and rectify the problem.