Arjun Chauhan

Arjun works as an apprentice signalling design engineer, an area he chose for the long-term career prospects, security and a rewarding salary. Follow his diary to find out what he gets up to during his time as an engineering apprentice.

Arjun Chauhan

Spring 2014 diary entry

Arjun has been gaining a lot of new experience in data and design by working across several different projects. As well as a lot of office work he continues to go out on site to back up that work with growing hands-on experience. His education continues and he will complete his BTech level 3 soon, and is also working towards his professional licence.



Arjun's new desk!

Winter 2013 diary entry

Trainee signal design engineer Arjun has been splitting his time between college, the office and going out on track as he continues to learn on the job, working on large-scale projects and focusing on becoming licensed.



Arjun Chauhan track side

Summer/Autumn 2013 diary entry

A year into his apprenticeship, Arjun feels an integral part of the Siemens Rail and Automation team. Over the last few months he’s been gaining a lot of knowledge and experience by spending time in the design office and out on track.



Arjun Chauhan with a pick axe

Spring 2013 diary entry

Arjun talks about the role of a signalling design engineer and what it’s like to train as one…



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