Apprentice diaries

Want to find out what life's really like as an apprentice? IET apprentices share their experiences through regularly updated diary entries, sharing their experiences training on the job.

Arjun Chauhan with a pick axe

Arjun Chauhan's diary

Arjun works as an apprentice signalling design engineer, an area he chose for the long-term career prospects, security and a rewarding salary. Follow his diary to find out what he gets up to during his time as an engineering apprentice.



Ashley Gardner

Ashley Gardner's diary

Ashley works as a trainee data services engineer for Virgin Media. In 2012 he began his second apprenticeship with the company after training as an access apprentice and spending two years working as a service engineer.



Sophie Robinson

Sophie Robinson's diary

Sophie started the Cisco System Advanced Apprenticeship in 2011 and is on a project management-focused level 4 apprenticeship. As well as external training she has had the opportunity to work with Cisco customers including Verizon and Morgan Stanley.



Past apprentice diaries

Explore our archive of past engineering and technology apprentice diary writers, who share their experiences of training on the job.