Student Engineering Technician (EngTech)

A review of your technical knowledge, understanding and specific, technical and business competence.

During your placement did you carry out any of the following?

  • Solve practical engineering problems;
  • Apply safe systems of working;
  • Were you a key contributor to one or more of the following:
    • design;
    • development;
    • manufacture;
    • commissioning;
    • decommissioning;
    • operation;
    • maintenance of products, equipment, processes or services;
  • Exercise creative aptitudes and skills within defined fields on technology.

Your application

In your application you will need to tell us about your involvement in two recently completed technical tasks or projects to illustrate:

  • How you applied your engineering knowledge;
  • The technical choices you made and why;
  • How you located and solved faults;
  • How you reported your contribution to your employer;
  • What kind of precautions you took to prevent harm to people, equipment or data.

You also need to tell us how you keep in touch with developments in your technical area and how you have continued to develop your knowledge and skills.

First steps

Download the application form and make a first attempt at completing it.

Your course tutor will advise you if an on-campus registration workshop is available to you at the time.

If you have any queries regarding your application or the process simply contact us: