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Student employability support

We understand how important a membership organisation is in supporting engineers throughout their career. And we know that assistance is mostly needed at the beginning of their working life when extra support can make a real difference.  

We’ve devised the IET Advantage programme – a series of membership packages that focus on their development during the most challenging stages of their career, as they move from graduation into employment and through the early years.  For your students, Graduate Advantage is the starting point in this journey. 

Launching careers with confidence

Graduate Advantage supports students throughout their final year and into the year after graduation (whether employed or looking for a job) with tailored resources designed to deliver the professional tools and expert support at the time they’re needed most – right at the start of their career.

Professional Skills Lecture

As part of our Academic Partners package, we can offer departments the opportunity to host one of our professional skills lectures on campus.
Offering technical knowledge and providing employability advice, this lecture is packed with essential information your students need to take the next step into employment. They can take the opportunity to attend workshops, presentations and meet with leading industry representatives all in one place.